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[VOD & Trans] Birthday Celebration Wine. 3900 limited release. (2011 7.1)

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[Bae Yong Joon]

Hello, I’m Bae Yong Joon.

There was a heart-breaking incident in Japan in 2011.
I hope everyone, who is suffering from its damages, will be able to restore them and return to comfortable normal life style as soon as possible. I also wish that everyone remains in good health, and not gives up encouragement and dreams.

[Female commentator]

It was Bae Yong Joon who sent an encouraging message. We found out that he collaborated with ‘Family Mart’ in Japan to release Birthday Celebration Wine. Limited 3900 bottles of wine, red and white each, will be released because he is going to be 39 years old this year. He himself carefully chose these particular wines.

[Bae Yong Joon]

I’m always part of your family.
Let’s meet at Family Mart, family.


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[Trans] It seems like he worked out at the gym on July 1st, 2011.

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After working out, I noticed that Japanese aunties eagerly waiting for someone. They’re Yonsama’s fans. How do they know where he works out? It’s a hot day. It would be better if he would stop working out, haha. 


I’m also going to work out later on. RT @dkdhdl: My brother (or Sister?) sent me a text message saying that Yonsama came to the gym. Stop working and run (over there)? Confused. ㅡㅡ++

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[Photo / VOD] New deal with a convenient store in Japan, “Family Mart”.

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Hello, I’m Bae Yong Joon.

Family Mart’s wish,
‘We would like become a family with you’,
and my wish became one.
Let’s meet at Family Mart, family.


They are going to sell special wines to celebrate his birthday.








[Trans] He was spotted in Cheongdam-dong on 6/26 (Sat) and 6/29 (Wed).

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I saw Yonsama at a café in Cheongdam-dong on Saturday.
He was very handsome.!/my83/status/85164320249479169


A short meeting with Bae Yong Joon ssi.
2011/06/30 10:59

A short meeting with Bae Yong Joon ssi.
Yesterday, I met Bae Yong Joon ssi in an elevator in Cheongdam-dong.
His voice was very friendly. “Have a nice day.”
Mayor Oh Se Hoon’s voice, Ji Hyeon Woo’s voice, and Neo’s voice are my favorite voices.
It seems that I have to add one more voice. Bae Yong Joon’s voice.
It’s really nice to hear it!
He is a world star, but there was no one escorting him.
A short, comfortable and quiet meeting with him made me very happy.
His voice lingers on.
It was a memorable day.

[Photo] BYJ Mobile - June 2011

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[News] "Yonsama" portrait right infringement - BYJ & travel agency reached agreement

source: naver / 毎日経済

"욘사마 여행상품 팔지마" 배용준-여행사 합의

자신의 별칭과 이름, 사진 사용한 여행상품을 두고 초상권 분쟁을 벌여온 배우 배용준씨와 여행사가 조정으로 합의했다.

서울고법 민사5부(부장판사 노태악)는 배씨가 "자신의 사진과 이름을 도용해 여행상품을 판매했다"며 여행업체 S사를 상대로낸 퍼블리시티권 침해정지 및 손해배상 청구소송이 양측의 조정으로 종결됐다고 28일 밝혔다.

조정문에 따르면 S사는 '욘사마', '배용준'의 명칠을 사용한 모든 여행상품을 판매하지 않기로 했다. 또 배씨의 사진을 이용해 상품을 판매하는 것 역시 중단키로 했으며 배씨가 초상권 침해 사실을 알려올 경우 신속한 조치를 취하기로 합의했다.

다만 1심에서 인정한 3000만원의 손해배상금은 지급하지 않기로 했다.

앞서 배씨와 소속사 키이스트는 "여행상품 판매에 배씨의 초상과 이름, '욘사마'라는 별명을 사용하지 말라"며 S사를 상대로 1억원대 소송을 냈다. 1심 재판부는 "S사는 배씨의 초장을 무단 이용, 예약대행 수수료 등 수익을 올렸다"며 "S사는 배씨에게 3000만원을 지급하라"고 판결했다.


2011.06.28 09:25:02





ペ・ヨンジュンは、S旅行会社が自身の家と常連カフェなどが含まれた旅行商品を無断に作って被害を受けているとし訴訟を提起し、1審裁判所は3千万ウォンを支給するとし、原告一部勝訴の判決を下しました。 カン・ヒョンソク

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[News] 2PM, TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong, and Super Junior get together for UAM Grand Opening

2PM, TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong, and Super Junior get together for UAM Grand Opening
by GONI @allkpop

Top male idol groups, TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, along with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and many others came together to attend a launching event.
On a rainy afternoon on June 24th at ‘Banyan Tree Club and Spa‘ in Seoul, these top artists gathered for the UAM (United Asia Management) Launching Party’.
UAM is a newly formed collaboration management agency of top Korean entertainment companies, composed of KeyEast, AMENT, StarJ Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, andJYP Entertainment.
Reaching further than the Hallyu movement, UAM was founded together by the 6 agencies this past April, setting base on Asia as a whole. UAM plans to set their core focuses on online mediums, managing networking, and promoting through movies, dramas, and video footage production, as well as acting as a global agency for the artists in all 6 companies.
On this day, UAM started things off with a bright beginning as J.Y. Park, Soo Ae, Kim Min Jong, Lee So Yeon, Joo Ji Hoon, Ahn Sung Ki, Lee Young Ah, Bong Tae Gyu, Joo, Kwon Ri Sae, Kim Hyun Joong, Soo Ae, Kim Soo Hyun, TVXQ, Super Junior, 2PM, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Ara, Miss A, Yoo In Na, along with other artists, actor/actresses, directors, staff, and producers affiliated with UAM and its related companies appeared at the event.
Check out SSTV’s footage in front of the Step n Repeat below: