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[Trans] Dream High 2 begins pre-production

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Dream High Season 2 is ready to begin pre-production work, according to a source with the production company, who’s aiming to broadcast the sequel next January. While airdates are always flexible, the producers are in a good position, having already concluded scheduling talks with KBS and getting their agreement.
Currently they’re in scriptwriting mode, and plan to begin casting after they’re done with scripts. (The drama previously announced a reality show to follow the audition process for the background cast; no updates on that at the moment, but I’m assuming that’s still a go.)
I presume they mean they’ll cast after completing the pilot script, not all the episodes, although how fabulous would it be to have this drama totally pre-planned? Dramas that are 100% pre-produced haven’t historically had the most success with audiences, but this is a case where it could really work, since they’ve already proven their ability to construct a heart-tugging narrative and carry it through effectively. On the flipside of that coin, this IS also an idol drama, so I can see the push for live-shooting as well, to best cater to fan responses.
According to the production rep, they haven’t totally decided whether to extend the story established in Season 1, or whether to build an entirely new story, and are considering all possibilities. Personally, I’d LOVE if they kept Kirin alive, and just rotated out the student stories. That maximizes the world already established, brings back some favorite characters (Jin-man! Oh-hyuk! Kyung-jin!), and also frees them up to swap in busy idols who would have difficulty committing to more than one season. Other K-dramas have attempted the season format but none have been truly successful, or true sequels, either — but maybe what Korea really needs is one great high school serial. Chop-chop, I’m waiting!
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[Reposted] His old house in Samsung-dong.

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suehan: I’m not sure he has moved to Seongbuk-dong, but I found this posting indicating that he vacated his house in Samsung-dong. The blogger looks like a real estate agent and he posted some pictures of YJ’s old house to find a new tenant or owner.

An agent also posted some information about the house. It is a two story house and it has 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, and it is about 87 pyong (286.32㎡). Its sale price is 6 billion won, its lease price is 2 billion won, and its monthly rent is fifteen million won not including the fifteen million won deposit.

[Trans] Did he move to Seongbuk-dong?

source: suehan's blog

[May 19, 2011]

Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon came to work out.
It seems that he moved to Seongbuk-dong and is going to work out here. It’s amazing to work out with him.

I wanted to take a picture with him and get an autograph from him. But no one asked him. Is this etiquette at the gym? Everyone is so chic.

[Photo] Same day, but two different dates. ^^

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suehan: Do you remember a young handsome man who accompanied BYJ in a Ferrari to the sashimi restaurant in Busan? Apparently he was Kim Hyun Joong. Hahaha.. I know, I know. Why couldn’t Korean sisters recognize him? Probably, they were full of joy over YJ. Here are their autographs which were posted in the sashimi restaurant. Hyun Joong dated them correctly, April 17, 2011, but not YJ. YJ dated it as April 15, 2011.

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[Photo] Myeong-Dong's AB - name changed

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[Update] BYJ returned to Seoul.

Source: yasai nim’s blog, suehan's blog

"BYJ arrived at Gorilla in the Kitchen around 4:30 pm yesterday (May 17th, 2011) and stayed there until about 10:30 pm. Around 15 fans were waiting for him outside."

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[Trans] YJ’s support is delivered to people…

May 15, 2011
By tomato99 ♥LoveBaeYongJoon

three medical aid vehicles which BYJ had donated,
tomato: this is video clip mentioned in the posting by bb, shows BYJ’s medical aid cars leaving Tokyo for Fukushima. thank you for the translation, cloudnine!!

Ms. Mitsuko Ishii;
Bae Yong Joon’s donated cars, medical aid team is now heading for Fukushima from Tokyo.
Bae Yong Joon-san, thank you very much.
(at press con; )
How do you do? I am Mitsuko Ishii.
By using three medical aid cars donated by Bae Yong Joon-sama,the NPO will start long term support for Fukushima.
We have placed each car to Soma City, Iwaki City and Koriyama City,the cars will link local people and base hospitals or evacuation centers for long term continuous support.

i had re-edited the video, you can view the full version video clip, posted at Kibou to Kizuna Project (Hopes and Connections Project).

tomato: also 15,000 blankets which byj sent are now reaching the people who are in need.
here are some tweets that i have picked up …

tweeted by ikucat, 
on 11 May 2011 
At 3pm yesterday, padded mattresses were distributed as kindness from Bae Yong Joon-san…
but I could not line up because of cold, I just got it.
Lucky, I got a blue one. because yesterday’s were pink and beige in colors.
tweeted by ru_min14
on 13 May 2011
As aid supply, I received a blanket from Yon-sama.
tweeted by Hizakin
on 15 May 2011
Today’s aid supply, blanket supported by Bae Yong Joon-san (laugh).
Unused blanket is coming “now”? it’s a bit out of season.
I think people moving into temporary houses would need them more than us…

[Trans] YJ’s Donation for Medical Aid Cars

May 14, 2011
By bb ♥LoveBaeYongJoon



translated by CLOUD NINE

Cars donated by Mr. Bae Yong Joon are now running around Fukushima.
(Three cars have left Tokyo.)
I think I wrote before that my thesis adviser at the graduate school was from Fukushima, and one day this professor said, “An
foreign actor is going to donate three medical aid cars to our NPO.

I found out later that it was a Korean wave star Mr Bae Yong Joon.
It was shortly after the earthquake that Mr Bae proposed to make a
monetary donation of 75 million yen to Cabinet Office for the blankets and three cars.
Then it was officially announced that the cars would be sent to the NPO, for which the professor takes on the position of the chairman. It took a while for the cars to complete its interior renovation as well as the exterior work that includes the name of St. Luke’s College of Nursing, names of volunteers, and its project name of ‘Hopes and Connections’, but on May 8th all three cars were delivered to the headquarter of the NPO.
I drove one of those cars to Soma City’s health center in Fukushima and left it to the nurses of the mental care team.

We had a press conference there and told that as one of St. Luke’s College of Nursing projects, using this car ‘Hopes and Connections’ project will continue through next March to support mental care of Fukushima people.
Areas to be covered are Iwaki City, Soma City, and Koriyama City. Each city has its car. Whenever it was necessary, based on administrative directions, the cars should be used for any medical aid purposes.

Looking back on the past days when I was terribly worried over how we could provide medical support in a long run and also how we should design the contents of medical aid with cars, I remember visiting my alma mater, St. Luke’s College of Nursing. It was a day toward the end of March.
When I actually saw those three cars, not the ones on design paper, they were just splendor and my hearts was full of deep emotion.
I was really surprised to see BYJ’s fans who came over to see us off on the day of our departure. His popularity is great indeed.
We have created the official site of ‘Hopes and Connections’. We’ll have to start fund raising. We are planning to post the video clips of running cars, so please visit our site, HOPES AND CONNECTIONS.

[Trans] BYJ was at the beach in Haeundae.

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Busan's weather today is really nice. Hehe
Yesterday my friend introduced me to Busan's Elune Club..
It doesn't seem like a lot of fun, just a lot of work.
But Bae Yong Joon ssi is at the beach in Haeundae.
Why did he show up?