Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Photo] The shooting set of “Dream High” opened to public.

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Many people visit the chairman of the board’s room, Jeong Ha Myung, at the shooting set of “Dream High”

Monday, May 09, 2011

[Trans] YJ must be pleased to be with Kim Hyun Joong.

source: suehan's blog
suehan: YJ must be very surprised, but pleased at the same time for Hyun Joong's straightfoward answers during HJ's interview. 

I found this cute story at the comment section of Hyun Joong's recent article on a visit to Japan on missyusa.com. Please enjoy.


Not knowing which direction he will go in like a rugby ball, quiet and direct Bae Yong Joon says he likes HyunJoong...
He says that he is jealous of how HJ lives freely compare to him.

If you look at HyunJoong's interview,
He was asked "What kind of conversations do you have when you see BYJ?"
"Tell me stories about a girl..." He would say...
He is said to shock BYJ...
He's cute, Hyun Joong...

[Trans] Korean restaurant in Paris where YJ visited

source: suehan' s blog
suehan: A while ago, there was a posting indicating YJ went to France to visit a winery, I found a twit saying that he visited a Korean restaurant in Paris. I believe he must have visited this restaurant years ago, not recently. Here is the translation.


If you want to eat really good Korean food in Paris, please go this place. It is Gwon’s dining where I visited yesterday.
It became more popular ever since MB (suehan: Korea’s President Initials) and Yonsama visited.


[Trans] BYJ indeed bought the furniture.

source: suehan's blog

suehan: In February, I translated a tweet saying YJ stopped by a furniture store, Wells in Gangnam in Seoul, and a few days ago, I found a posting indicating he indeed bought furniture. Here is the translation of it.


2011.05.04 22:57

Bae Yong Joon bought one of these.
Its price is twenty-five million won.
It’s said that the wood has been in the mud
for fifty thousand years.
Ah.. This furniture is the best.