Saturday, November 12, 2011

[Updates] BYJ spotted at Queens Park Restaurant

source: byjintoronto by suehan / yasai / sis D / Patty

Thanks Patty for the translation.

2011-11-02 am 5:27:00

저 한국인데 몇일전에 배용준 봤는데요....

직접 랜드로버인가? 짚차 운전하고 발렛 시키고 들어가는데
' 정말 나~ 연예인. 나~ 배용준~~~' 등뒤에 동그렇게 자막이 뜨더라고요.ㅋㅋㅋ

여전히 연예인 포스 ㄷㄷㄷ ( 전혀 팬 아닌데도 우와~ 했어요.)

그냥 창가테이블 편한곳에 앉아서
연예관계자, 발레리나 김주원인듯한 사람이랑 일 얘기를 하는 거 같더라고요.

청담동에 있는 퀸즈팍 Queen's Park이란 곳인데... 
친구가 2pm도 자주오고 연예인들 자주온다고 데리고 갔는데, 
한국 방문하심 한번 들러보세요. 빙수가 인기 메뉴라네요.

*미교포싸이트에서 가져왔습니다. 

*저는 배토 펌입니다..^^

Brief trans by Patty:

Some body saw/spot BYJ a few days ago...she saw
him drove in and valet park his car and went into the
restaurant.  She is not a fan of BYJ, but she noticed
how elegant and graceful he was.  She wasn't sure
who exactly he was with, but think he was with the Ballerina, KJW?
She went to that restaurant because a friend told her  actors and actresses are coming there to eat.....

Queens Park Restaurant at Cheongdam-dong

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