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[Article] A Korean celeb for every season

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Tourists tell Korea Tourism Organization Hyun Bin is "so fall" and Bae Yong-Joon is the prince of winter

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While fashion editors pick the best high fashion outfits for fall, Korea Tourism Organization has been busy determining which Korean celeb goes best with each season. 
Confused? So are we, but there does seem to be a huge tie-in with celebs and tourism in Korea, and (KTO) seems to love any creative way to talk about it. 
According to (KTO), 7,936 people from a whopping 81 countries participated in the survey which asked recipients to pick the Korean Wave star that best represents each season. The survey was conducted on Facebook and Twitter as part of the organization's Visit Korea campaign, which operates websites in nine languages. 

So "in" this season

Hyun Bin, the star of the drama "Secret Garden" and the most high-profile addition to the Korean marine corps, has been deemed the most autumnal, K-Pop group Girls' Generation are ladies of the spring, while their counterpart boy band Super Junior are apparently the most summery. 
The choice for winter was a shoo-in, with Bae Yong-Joon, the beloved heartthrob of the "Winter Sonata" (the drama that launched the Korean Wave) again reaffirming the view that he looks best in a turtleneck and a fur-trimmed down jacket. 

Riding the wave

Still looking for that Korean Wave/tourism connection?
Survey recipients said that while visiting Seoul 59.3 percent planned to go to a K-Pop concert, 58.32 percent said that would buy something connected to their darling star, and 57.9 percent said they would visit a filming locale of a Korean drama. 
"With this survey, we are trying to discern the needs and inclinations of Korean Wave fans by region, which is why this survey was so important," said Je Sang-won, the manager of overseas smart tourism marketing at (KTO).
"From the information gathered from this survey we will develop more Korean Wave related contents and marketing." 
And by that, we hope he means they'll open a gift shop selling Hyun Bin sequined tracksuits this fall. 

Read more: A Korean celeb for every season |

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