Saturday, September 03, 2011

[Update 3.9.2100] BYJ in Japan - DH event

source: flor (KOB)

Today there are hundreds of fans waiting outside Yong Jun’s Hotel.

He exercises there.

Dressed in sportswear, he walks out of the hotel and said “HELLO” to them.

Fans are very excited.

He wears black T-shirts, shorts, sunglasses and hat.

His manager says that they have been waiting very hard and asks them to leave.

So fans left the Hotel.

source: tomato99 & kippo_44 twitter

(twt at 13:42) BYJ came outside hotel and waved to us\^o^/ he was handsome (#^.^#) RT @kippo_44: ヨンジュン、ホテル外で手を振ってくれました\^o^/格好良かった〜(#^.^#)

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