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by Cloudnine

(with special acknowledgement to Kei-san as Cloudnine’s account is based on Kei-san’s (almost) daily Yonsama mail, of Sep 4th and 5th edition.
and oh, pics are added by yours truly, keke! wanna take the chance to thank our dear tomato for tweeting the pics to share with us. most of the pics that i’m using for cloudnine’s FA were shared by tomato on twitter.)

Next session was ‘Lucky Draw’

Yong Joon offered the pair of glasses he used in the drama, autographed. JYP offered his favorite headphone with his autogaraph. I happened to be sitting close to a lady who won the glasses, so I asked her to show me the glasses.
Then two gentlemen left the stage and the talk show by the students began. Among the NG scenes we watched, there was a scene in which Suzy’s nose was running. Su Hyun who was sitting next to Suzy was twittering “Aigo, aigo” He was so cute.
‘My best scene’ picked by each of them was introduced one by one. Both Tae Gyon and Woo Yong picked their first appearances in the drama, action scene of Tae Gyon and Woo Yong’s speaking English scene. Su Hyun picked his crying scene. (Sorry I don’t remember which one Suzy picked.)
There was also ‘Lucky Draw’ by those young cast. Suzy offered her favorite ear rings, Su Hyun a pair of shoes he wore in the drama and Kirin Art School uniforms were offered by Tae Gyon and Woo Yong.

The event was coming to an end.
In closing the cast and audience together sang ‘Dream High’ theme song. Then on the screens Yong Joon and JYP who were watching the arena from backstage appeared. They came out of the dressing room and headed to the stage led by Mr. Shin who was holding a flashlight. Both of them looked very cool.
By this time audience got very excited.
They were welcomed by the students. Everyone made a farewell speech and Yong Joon was the last speaker.
He said “Thank you everyone for watching us for a long time . Next time we will do our best in the production of Dream High 2. I thank very much cast and staff for giving their best.”
Finally with Yong Joon’s call of ‘Se no – here we go’ we all shouted ‘Dream High!’

Cloudnine’s footnotes:

To write this I referred to Yon-sama mail by Kei-san. She wrote at the end of her account as follows;
“It was a good event which really depicted the world of Dream High. Yong Joon was vividly aware of that the event was to promote the drama ‘Dream High’, I thought. Central players were students and his role was to support them, so he didn’t want to stand out throughout the event. Some fans might have felt unsatisfied for sure, but I want him to come back with his next work in which he plays the lead.”
I agree with Katsura-san. Yong Joon seemed reserved although he knew that ninety percent of the audience were his fans. While writing this I noticed that he never used the word ‘kajok-my family’ and he always addressed ‘everyone’. (In the first part of this writing I mistakenly used the word ‘family, mianeh yo!)

Because he was unable to continue his work, neither as a producer or as an actor, he deeply regrets it and feels very sorry, I think.. That’s why he showed respect to JYP all the more. It was only natural that everybody had expected a ‘special surprise’ in the finale, that is all the cast would go around the arena, but they didn’t.
I myself got the best place ever, to the runway there were only 8 people and an aisle. But for those who had to sit on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I feel sympathy because we equally paid large sum for the event.

p.s. and oh, in case you’re wondering, wuri YJ has already gone home to seoul… here’s a pic of him departing tokyo.

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