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[trans] interview with director of DA / update on BYJ

August 31, 2011
By LoveBaeYongJoon

(sorry for the blurry pic.)
source: Nikkan Sports News / Asia Entertainment Paper Choa vol.3
issue date: 30 August 2011

Bae Yong Joon, close up on “Dream High”

On 4 September, Dream High event will be held at Saitama Super Arena.
Bae Yong Joon who is the co-producer for the drama and also made special appearance will visit Japan after 9 months.
We have interviewed Mr. Lee Myeong Hak, Director of Digital Adventure (BYJ’s management company in Japan) to hear about BYJ’s emotional attachment to the drama, next project and recent updates.

Q: “Dream High” is getting good ratings in Japan. Bae Yong Joon-san (BYJ) is the co-producer together with J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young-san, JYP). Isn’t he satisfied with it?
LMH: From the start, BYJ and JYP are same age and good friends. Two have already succeeded as actor and musician, but they had never received professional education, so they were talking about creating a school of entertainment for the young people. This is where the drama started in the first place. Preparation took about two years. At first, there were ideas to go beyond the drama style, such as set up the camera 24 hours and let it air on internet. But it was difficult to arrange the schedule for idol stars, we had to compromise on some of the issues.
BYJ was aiming to become a director and he did seriously study producing. He was giving advice on camera work and young people’s acting. I think he is feeling that he could have made one more effort.

Q: Story and actors gave impression of their life size images.
LMH: The plot was made close to reality, characters of the actors were similar, and avoided exaggerated expression. The drama showed somewhat reality of Korea’s entertainment.

Q: Any plan for sequel?
LMH: “Dream High 2 ” is already planned and casting has started. The plot will be same Kirin Entertainment High School but there will be no connection between 1 and 2. It will be a story of another young people. Audition programs are very popular in Korea now, so it may become one of the materials.

Q: Will BYJ make appearance?
LMH: We don’t know that yet. A drama is in preparation which BYJ will play the lead.

Q: We have heard that for his next project, he has reviewed Europe and US movies to novels, worked on copy right issues and also created scripts.
LMH: It is almost two years for preparation, and we are at our final stage. We have narrowed down to one project and the book is decided. It is going to be an original drama. BYJ himself is getting his physical condition ready to start the shooting. Recently, he is doing yoga like exercise, slowly stretches his muscles and making flexible body.
He should be concentrating on the leading project when he returns to Korea after the event, so it may be a while till he is able to meet family again.

Q: Can you share a bit about his recent private life?
LMH: He is devoted to interior of his new house. Color, material and design, he was concerned about everything. Korea had heavy rain this year, so interior work did take time.
Also, recently he started to keep a white puppy as a pet. It is the type that grows big. He may have a chance to introduce his new family to everyone in the future (laugh).


Weng Morales - Philippines said...

It is so heart warming to hear updated news about BYJ.Thanks for sharing.

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If he wants I can be one of your pets...I imagine the sweetness with which it treats its animals I wish be one of your pets