Thursday, April 21, 2011

[Trans] Another fan’s account in Busan. (Apr 17th, 2011)

original in Korean: todaktodak (byjintoronto)
date: April 18, 2011
translated into English: suehan


With lost hope from tweets about YJ’s whereabouts last night, I went to a cod soup restaurant which I visit once or twice a week with my fellow fan. I took the heavy “A Journey in Search of Korea’s Beauty” which I have been taking every time I visited Seoul.

I even had a lukewarm reaction to my regular restaurant owner’s joking. I had no taste of that delicious food.

Can’t we seen him, sis? Let’s go home after the meal.

We gave up our clever, empty dream and decided to leave the restaurant. I felt better as I gave up.

We walked down the hill comfortably after we gave up everything. Then.. there was a Ferrari down the hill. It was a Ferrari! Isn’t a Ferrari, sis? I ran down the street towards a Ferrari trying to look for a parking space. YJ placed his arm on an opened window because of his hopeless parking situation and his nice, soft hairs were scattered by the wind like in the romance cartoons. Am I dreaming? I dared to approach to him and watch him from the corner. YJ had a short conversation with a parking lot attendant. Then he thought for a short period of time, left his car on the street, got out from the driver seat (leaving his passenger inside), and walked inside of the restaurant. Did he grow more? He looked tall. When he disappeared, then, I looked at the one in the passenger seat. Woman? It was a tall, handsome, young man.

YJ came out from the restaurant, got on his car, and parked his car with the guide. Looking at the car zigzagging, in front of his car, I was speechless. We interfered his parking. I don’t think YJ didn’t realize that two women who interfered his parking were his fans. I didn’t think we’re going to have a chance to see him zigzagging, having trouble parking his car backwards. He parked his car too close to the potted plant. I wondered how he could get out from his car because the space (between his car and the potted plant) was very small. He opened the door, hit the potted plant a little, and got out from his car nicely. He went inside the restaurant with his company in the passenger seat, who was as handsome as entertainers. We couldn’t talk to him, but we were just looking at his back.

Here are the comments which I posted on boonseongbae’s posting.

It was a very nice moment shaking hands with him, getting his autograph and having eye contact with him. But it was more impressive looking at him going inside then returning to his car for parking problems, and getting on his car again. He looked like he was in his twenties. I was so happy for having an accidental meeting at the same time and place. While we were waiting for him, parking attendants approached us. Yonsama? No.. We said, “Yes”, but It seemed like they didn’t believe us. No.. Did Yonsama drive down here without security guards? We said that it was possible. They said that he was really handsome.

He was wearing beige semi-baggy pants, tight shirts with his sleeves folded halfway on top of t-shirts, vest or cardigan with half sleeves, a beige backpack on his shoulder and orange transparent sunglasses. I looked at him while he signed his autograph in his car; his face was really sharp and handsome. When I saw him in real life, I’ve never thought he has a fair face. But his face was really fair without blemishes like being under hundreds of reflectors. He was really cute when he talked to himself while signing his autograph.

One more thing, but I might get thrown stones. He might have lost weight. His hip had disappeared. I’m wondering where his duck-like hips have gone. Oh, well.. He was attractively tall and looked sharp.

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