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[Info] BYJ sister "sirius" Calls For Support - Charity Concert for Sendai

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Sirius-san is a long time BYJ kajok who now lives in the Tokyo area, but is originally from Sendai. She was an active committee member of B.S.J. (a fan site led by satovic), and had supported BYJ and the LSH scholarship activities over the years.

This past disaster had a big impact on her life…

I would like to share her message:

Dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for your message of sympathy.
Not only Japanese sisters like satovic, but many friends from Korea and around world have sent me messages of encouragement, and as always I feel so grateful for the kindness of BSJ chingus.

With this recent earthquake, both my husband’s and my own immediate family have survived, but many of my relatives and friends have had their homes washed away and many even lost their lives.

Still, when I call them or e-mail them, they respond with a tough attitude.
I cannot help but feel respect for how they accept the present situation and how they are bravely setting out to restore the devastated land.
But in their hearts, they hold deep sorrow and anxiety.

I too intend to be by their side and do what I can until we can resurrect our city.

The charity concert I was telling you about earlier was something which was planned as the "Japan-US Chorus Festival" and we had been preparing for it from a year ago. But many of the participants live in Sendai and have become victims of the latest disaster. It seemed that we would have to cancel the event, but because many of the people involved strongly wanted to go on with it, we decided to hold it as a charity concert.

This is the official site:

Japan-US Chorus Charity Concert for Sendai at Carnegie

Featuring the "Hagi" Chorus, Sendai, Japan

I will also be participating in the chorus. 

Experiencing this unprecedented disaster, I feel that we are being tested in many ways.

I hope many people in the New York area will be informed about our charity concert, and we would be most grateful if they would come to hear us sing.

Best wishes,

Japan-US Chorus Charity Concert for Sendai at Carnegie

East Meets West in Choral Harmony

May 20 2011 (Fri) 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Doors open 7:30 PM)
Admission: Free (ticket required), Donation suggested

Participating Artists:

☆ The HAGI Choir (from Sendai)

☆ The Alexandria Harmonizers

☆ The Men's Glee Club of New York

☆ The Men's Glee Club of Tokyo & Kansai

☆ The White Pine Glee Club (Detroit)

MC : Kaoriko Kuget (Host of "FCI Morning Eye")


日米合唱チャリティーコンサートat カーネギー

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