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[VOD & Trans] Documentary "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty" Epi 2

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Before your self is empty, you must be completely fulfilled. 
True completeness is not being completely fulfilled, but it is being completely empty. 
You repeat yourself every year, every month, every day, every moment. 

The goal of this trip is to look for the beauty in the natures of Korea. 

Emptying your soul starts to see what has been filling it up. 

After dismissing everything that you have been selfishly holding it, you hear the pure sounds that comes up from the dirt. 

2nd Episode 
Adjusting your clothes, Filling and Emptying


Chun Han Bong recreates the tea bowls from the Cho-Sun Dynasty.
Bae Yong Joon came to look for Chun Han Bong. 
It is because he came to find that the tea bowls he had once bought were made by Chun Han Bong. 

One winter day, Bae Yong Joon found the road to the lands of the old Cho-Sun Dynasty and started his new journey. 

Bae Yong Joon helped in the first kiln production process. 

Mr. Chun let Bae Yong Joon take his seat to spin the pottery. 

(You place the clay on the spinner and let it start breathing) 
(He starts to spin the wheel by stepping on the spinner)

"In one breath, you lift. In one breath, you open it. In one breath, you make it." 

The work of bringing the dirt up and down is to not lose any of the clay. 

Only be concentrating can you find the balance of the clay.

It is a task that needs me to be one with the clay. - Bae Yong Joon

( ... So you touched the bottom?) 


Bae Yong Joon is quietly listening to the directions of Mr. Chun. 

He did all of the jobs in the workshop that the youngest assistant would be doing. 
All of the smaller jobs are done to prevent any mistakes in learning the craft. 

(You enter the kiln) 

All of the prepared pots go into the kiln one at a time. 

The touch of the potter is gentle. 

Now, only the fire and the clay are there to come together in the kiln.

Baking the clay pots again. 

BYJ:"You say that the temperature can't drop. You need to keep raising the temperature in the kiln." 

Chun: You need to always be by the fire. When the temperature seems like it's about to drop, you have to put in more wood. The temperature will quickly drop if it you give it any chance of going down. It is hard to bring it back up."

Increased tension between the fire and the clay until the end. 

Not emptying, not changing, not letting go... the fire and clay fight in the kiln. 

At a moment that not anyone can notice, the heat from the kiln is already felt on the face of Mr. Chun. 
He immediately knows that it is time to add more wood. 
He starts to put more wood into the kiln. 

Chun:Sometimes, if you throw the wood in up above by accident, you can ruin the clay. 
That's why this one piece of wood is an amazing object. 

BYJ: "That's why I was so shocked when you asked me if I would want to throw in the wood." 

(Now, the soot is starting to burn away. The teacher's heavy words...)

(The soot eats away at the clay, the fire gets rid of the soot and the heat rises again to create more soot) 

(The soot swallows the clay, the heat erases the soot)

(Again the heat goes back up and engraves the soot - BYJ) 

("Try picking one"... from the pieces that have been cooling for around an hour after leaving the kiln) 

(The chance to be able to pick my own piece. How will the teacher react to the way I decide on my choice) 

(There is a piece that draws me in. The pupil's hand shakes as it moves down in front of the teacher) 

("You can't make something like this again." I barely pass a breath that I have been holding in - BYJ) 

Chun: People these days like things that are clean and sophisticated. They don't know much about things with weight and modest. But BYJ knows this modesty. 

So as Veronica followed BYJ's path, she walked into all the nooks and crannies of the lecture hall.

(In the Han-Ok) Along the narrow porch, perching down while looking out at the scenery

Bae Yong Joon has left lots of pictures of the ins and outs of the lecture hall.

(Your self and a home are different things, but a Han-Ok plays an excellent role that brings them together at an impacted midpoint.)

To Enjoy

"The Man-Yu Jeong (Pavilion) is perfect. Nature is only friends with the perfect Man-Yu Jeong."

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