Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Trans] Headlines of "Dream High" Articles - Jan 11th, 2010

source: suehan's blog
“The Same Song, a Different Feeling” Suzy vs. Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope”

Suzy beautifully sang Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope” to distract from the sounds coming from the bathroom.

"Not wearing bottoms” Lee Yoon Mi is a Mother? She proudly flaunted her great legs.

She returned to TV after delivering her baby and lost about 5 kg after doing so to appear in “Dream High.”

“Dream High”’s Park Jin Young Taught a Lesson in English, Not Dance. Is He A Loser This Time, too? 

On the 11th, An English teacher, Yang Jin Man (Park Jin Young) will have his first class.

IU, who one-sidedly loves Woo Young, took a picture of him using her celluar phone camera. It was okay even though she wasn’t very identifiable.

Pil Sook was sitting among the new students at the welcome ceremony, and she was taking pictures of Jason using her cellular phone camera, and it was noticed by the viewers.

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