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[Trans] BYJ Manager’s Blog (63)

By tomato99 ♥LoveBaeYongJoon
source: BYJ Mobile Official Site
BYJ Manager’s Blog

Annyong Hasaeyo, dear family
29 December 2010

by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan
Japanese to English: tomato99@LoveBaeYongJoon

Annyong Hasaeyo, dear family,
this is Yang Geun Hwan.

How are you spending this cold winter?
People seem to be very busy at year end, the scenes seem very similar in both Japan and Korea.

I send my deepest appreciation to all family that we successfully completed “Hohoemi Project” on 14th.

Yong Joon-san thinks, “warm love from all the family will spread to Asian children in poor environment. As the result, future of those children may become much brighter.”

We will work harder in order to continue sending love from Yong Joon-san and family.

Recently, Yong Joon-san is in shooting for the drama “Dream High.”

On 27th, he attended production press conference for the drama “Dream High” and was able to send his greetings to the media and family.

Yong Joon-san is also giving advice to young actors and enjoying the shooting very much. I also look forward that he will be able to show his gorgeous looks with this work.

I will try to deliver much good news in year 2011.

This is my last blog for year 2010.

Please take care of your health in cold weather.

Kamsa Hamnida.

Yang Geun Hwan

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