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[Trans] Bae Yong Joon carries smile. 5D4N in Tokyo @ Marie Claire... Part 2

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During the night before the event, he unexpectedly came to his stylist’s room. He was wearing comfortable training wear and said, “This freshly made hamburger is good. Try some.” while holding a long bag in his hand.

Before his seat was arranged, he served his staff with burgers as he explained the ingredients inside of the burgers knowing the individual staff members likes and dislikes of food. He cut the burgers by himself and made sure that everyone got one. While watching the documentary on the sofa with his staff, no one spoke or moved knowing that he is “Yonsama”. With Yonsama, there wasn’t the uneasiness that others felt around most entertainers. It was comfortable because noone could feel Yonsama’s presence. 

After 10 pm, Bae Yong Joon got up from his seat first. Someone from the group told me, “He is leaving to ready himself for tomorrow’s event. Oppa changes when he works.” I couldn’t tell the difference between private and public matters. But unfortunately, his name is too influential and his expections of himself are so high when he works. His work ethic is beyond imagination. Nobody will know just how hard he pushed himself that night.

The next day the number of fans increased about three or four times as many as the previous day. They started to gather at dawn. Looking down at the excited fans from his room should have made him restless. He left the hotel after 10 am. His car was moving in front of us and then suddenly stopped for a moment. There were so many people gathered on the road that the hotel employees had to regulate the traffic in the middle of the road. No accidents occurred. Bae Yong Joon’s fans have manners just like their favorite actor. Bae Yong Joon stopped his car for a moment, opened the window, waved his hand, and lowered his head.

It’s said that the capacity of the Tokyo Dome is 50,000. If Bae Yong Joon and his company focused only on the profit of the event they would have sold the seats that had no accurate view of the stage. The stage would have looked like a dot. But thanks to Bae Yong Joon, who thought that it would be meaningful if everyone was capable of enjoying the event to its full capacity, the seats were limited to 30,000. One of the more surprising matters was that all of the seats were sold at the same price: VIP seats, R seats and A seats. Tickets were also sold in slow incremements to prevent illegal ticketing. Those who were lucky enough to see him at a closer range were picked out of a drawing.

He took care of even small matters. During the rehearsal, he showed his meticulousness by checking the guests’ rehearsal scenes and their moving lines. While staying in the waiting room, he was busy showing his gratitude to the guests from Asia first; Gackt from Japan, an actor and singer Oh Geon Ho and Jeong Won Chang from Taiwan. After the photo call for the press was over, there was discussion about whether he was too formally dressed compared to the other guests. He wore a suit as he usually did but the other guests were wearing casual clothing.

Camera; For Bae Yong Joon, the camera is the same as a secret word or code. He doesn’t want to share it with others. Bae Yong Joon or Yonsama is not on the other side of the lens. It is just something that makes his heart pump. 

As a host of today’s party, he continuously questioned or asked whether it would be polite to adjust to the guests’ desires. Would the audience feel the difference? Until he went up onstage, it seemed like there was no correct answer for it. He checked and checked again as he adjusted the direction of his neck-tie constantly. Behind stage, Bae Yong Joon constantly switched between feeling relaxed and stressed. He pushed himself and then relaxed continuously.

After the party began, he went up onstage about the time when the party was at its peak as guests were coming forward to gain recognition for their good deeds. He didn’t sing or dance like other guests, but the sudden screams from the audience made it seem as though he did. Bae Yong Joon brought his thin and long index finger to his lips once, opened and closed his eyes, and slowly moved his eyes towards the audience. The hall became quiet right away and even the emcees were surprised by the silence. Which artist has the ability to control the audience this well? The party on that day ended after he donated the camel color coat he wore in “Winter Sonata”, three bottles of wine which were selected by him, and the neck tie which he was wearing. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t expect to donate his tie but rather decided to donate it at a whim. 

I can’t say that I saw all of Yonsama or Bae Yong Joon for the last five days, but it definitely helped me realize what kind of person he is and how he controls himself in front of the public eye. The most important thing to him is the way he approaches others, not the speed or direction.


• Editor: Kim Min Kyung 
• Photographer: Kim Hoil 
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