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[News]“Dream High”, the city of Goyang officially supports and receives lots of attention in Japan.

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Yonhap News 2011-01-28 18:01 

[photo]Hot packs sent by Bae Yong Joon’s Japanese fan

It is known that KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tue drama “Dream High”, which keeps the ratings up with Goyang City’s official support, is receiving lots of attention in Japan and it has become a topic.

On the 26th, Kobayashi Kazyo (female, 21 years old) who resides in Kyoto, Japan sent mail and 240 hot packs that attaches to the clothing for the casts and staff. She said that she read the article on the internet saying, “The Dream High filming set is so cold and Choi Seong, the mayor of city of Goyang, supported the heating equipments.”.
On January 27th, someone related to the city of Goyang visited the filming set in Sarihyeong-dong and delivered the hot packs and sincerities from many Japanese fans including Ms. Kobayasi.

On that day, the director Lee Eung Bok of KBS who directed the shooting said, “The casts are having lots of difficulties due to the cold weather. The mayor Choi Seong supported the heating equipments, but we’ve never expected to receive such warm presents from Japan.” He showed his confidence on the successful shooting and the great success of the drama.

It’s known that in Japan, “Dream High” received lots of attention even before the shooting started around middle and old aged “Bae Yong Joon’s fan club” and younger generation of “2PM’s fan club (Ok Taec Yeon).

We are able to assume the outcomes above through these two happenings; On December 27 of last year, about 300 hundred Japanese fans visited the press conference which was held at Kintex with Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon who represents Korea and the star maker, Park Jin Young. Japanese female fans always visit the main shooting sites. 

In Ms. Kobayashi’s case, she already visited the Goyang city twice with her mother and aunt, and she collects the information of the main shootings sites of “Dream High” and posts on her blog and the fan café often.

According to someone associated with the city, approximately 1,000 Japanese fans of “Dream High” visited the Goyang city. The popularity of Hallyu star and “Dream High” will be at the peak in August of this year when the drama airs in Japan.

The city of Goyang, which works on the Hallyu sightseeing projects, supports the filming and supplements the facilities of the filming sites along with the cooperation for the filming production and public relations.

Also, once the airing ends, the city plans to create a tour package connecting the main filming sites, famous tour sites and Anygol restaurant district and hold events like autograph sessions for fans..

“Dream High” finished about half of the entire drama and records about 15% viewing rates. It is in the lead among the Mon-Tue dramas of the other TV stations..

The Mayor Choi Seong of Goyang who visited the filming sites several times and directed the assistant plan said, “The ‘Dream High’ project is just the beginning. I will set up a department to handle the broadcasting - communication industry through the reorganization, and make the city of Goyang the city of Hallyu culture city which represents Korea by making a large Bromex (Broadcasting and Multimedia Complex) and the biggest underwater filming site in the East, inviting famous movie and broadcasting companies and raising a broadcasting fund.” 

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Source: The City of Goyang

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