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[News]Baby Shaman on "Star King," Predicted Bae Yong Joon's Fortune and Reads Solo Artist "A"s Scandal

source: suehan's blog
bnt news 2011-01-07 11:25

When MC Mong was on "Star King" in 2008, the Baby Shaman read the case of him corrupting his military applications. And reading other predictions of more famous entertainers is what made the Baby Shaman's talent a big topic. 

On SBS Plus, produced by Seon Ooh Suhn, Miss Soh Bin studied the physiognomy of the top entertainers and sports stars and clearly predicted their fates among the grave ones and the positive ones as well. 

Soh Bin especially pointed at Bae Yong Joon who came back to the drama "Dream High" and predicted that he would be very prosperous. Some people who are in the entertainment industry heard this news and commented that Soh Bin's prediction might mean the success of "Dream High," which Bae Yong Joon produces. They quickly made these assumptions. 

Another is for a solo singer Miss "A," who is famous in Korea and internationally. (suehan: Calling the singer "Miss A" is a way to keep the singer's name private in Korean writing) The shaman predicted that they might be involved in small and big scandals in a few years. And she also predicted that Miss "A" may have bad luck with ending relationships with someone, which will result in her having a headache in a few years due to personal relationship issues with a man. 

Since MC Mong's incident, there are many people who are coming to her and she has become very busy. Fortunes of famous, Korean entertainers that Soh Bin will reveal is going to air January 9th and 10:10PM on SBS Plus.

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