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[Trans] BYJ’s message about the Teacher Hyojae’s Kimchee Festival Tour

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Hello, I’m Bae Yong Joon.

I’m glad to hear that the teacher Hyojae will organize “the Hyojae’s Kimchee Festival”. I developed a precious relationship with the teacher Hyojae while I wrote a book last year. I could feel the beauty of the Korean culture, the tastes coming from her hands, and her truthful thoughts while I was learning how to make Kimchee at her house.

Kimchee has a superb taste and efficacy, and there is nothing that can be wasted. The Kimchee is our culture’s boast of pride. Most of all, I had delighted moments while I was making kimchee with my friends, and it still remains in my memory with the warm-hearted feelings. I hope you too have nice and warm moments at the Kimchee festival while you make kimchee with the teacher Hyojae.

[Reposted & Trans] From the program, “TAXI” of TVN

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Gong Hyeong Jin said that he met Bae Yong Joon before the recording. He said, “BYJ really cares about KHJ and wants to make KHJ a second Yonsama.”

But, Choi Seong Kook who appears in the Mischievous Kiss with KHJ said, he told KHJ to be a comedian because he will face stiff competitions with many beautiful new comers in the future.

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[Captures] Mini Joon Bear 2010 Hohoemi Project Version

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[trans] Is he ready to move?

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Original in Korean: Kim Kook Hyun 
Translated into English: suehan

"OMG, Yonsama came to the store to look for the furniture. He was fully covered with sunglasses and hat."

about 8 hours ago via twtkr

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[News Trans] “Bae Yong Joon’s Documentary” will be a green light to attract the Japanese tourists.

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October 7th, 2010

Tourists spots in Pohang and Gyeongju will be introduced.

Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon will produce the video documentary with the beauty of Korea and he plans to air it in Korea and Japan nationwide. Famous tourists spots of Pohang and Gyeongi are also included in the documentary and it’s expected that it will be a big help in attracting Japanese tourists.

Keyeast, in which Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder, is working on the production of a documentary video using the highlights of the whole country that appeared in his essay book, “The Journey to Discovery the Beauty of Korea” which was released last September.

The city of Gyeongbook said, in Gyeongbook 1 of the part 3, Moongyeongyo, Sangjoo Folk Song, Hahoe Town in Andong, and Hahoe Masked Dance will be filmed with the subject of “Adjust the dress, fill me and empty me”. 

In Gyeongbook 2 of the part 4, Hwangryongsaji, Seokgulam, and Boolguksa in Gyeongju and the tourists spots of Pohang such as Guryongpo Japanses town, Jookdo Market, and Hojigot with the subject of “Pass the ancient times and walk the modern times” will be introduced.

The tourists spots of Pohang didn’t appear in his book, but it’s said that the city of Pohang made a special request.

The production team including the producer in charge already visited the sites and will start the shooting from the middle of October. The video documentary will be aired on MBC and they say that they’re currently negotiating with the Japanese broadcasting company about the airing.

Jang Jeongsool, the team leader of the International Cooperation Department of the city of Pohang, said that “We expect that the video documentary airing will attract more Japanese tourists due to Bae Yong Joon’s marketable quality.”

Pohang, Reporter Kang Byung Seo;

Pohang Jukdo Market
Hahoe Masked Dance

[Info / Captures] BOFi BYJ Digital Photo Frame

source: byjfamily / byjgallery by miemi

This product recorded YJ's digital photo during his official visit to Japan, the photos were taken at airport, press con, fan meeting, photo collection and other original commercial materials.

Price:JPY26,250.-(Inclusive of Tax)
Reservation Period:2010.9.17~10.21
bofi Precedent Release:2011年1月28日(Normal Release:2011年2月4日)




[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong’s power? 2011 Keyeast Eco Calendar was sold out in Korea and Japan.

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[2010-10-06 23:22:10]

2011 Keyeast Eco Calendar was sold out on-line shopping sites in Korean and Japan in one day..

The Eco Calendar that was produced by the Keyeast artists and Korean committee of UNEP sold out quickly right after the sales started through the domestic and foreign websites.

The Eco Calendar was made by the environmental production process with 100% environmental papers and vegetable soybean oil ink. It also functions as the eco diary, not only as a calendar.

This diary is the second environmental campaign of Keyeast since they donated their entire profits from the environmental photos last May. They also plan to donate their entire profits to the Global Environmental Program (GEP) of the Korean Committee of the United Environmental Plan (UNEP).

Keyeast said, “We were surprised of the speed of the sales, which was much quicker than what we had expected.”, and “We appreciate that many people showed their interests in the environmental issues and participated in it actively. We decided to produce additional calendars due to the high volume of demands both domestically and internationally.”

2011 Eco Calendar can be downloaded through the Korean and English version of the smart phone application domestically and worldwide, in October.

[Newsen Entertainment Dept.]

[Trans] BYJ's high school class mate says..

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from the comment section of

“I was in the same class with Yong Joon in Hanyoung High School (day class). Do you know the composer, Park Keun Tae? He was in the same class with me as well. Yong Joon was neat, played billiards very well, and dressed well. He was even famous with the girls of Myungil girls’ High School and Jung Shin Girls’ High School nearby. 

He was never interested in fighting and was close to the elite class mates (including me. Haha). He was interested in movies, such that he was the member of the Drama Club. He went to the Shin Myung Reading Rooms in the Myungil Apartment Complex. Many girls used to wait for him in front of the reading rooms when he was about to get on the van (suehan: after study). OMG, who is spreading the rumor that he was in the night class? He has a bad temper? No way. I’m just laughing at this false rumor.”

I found another posting regarding his high school days from the twitter account.

“I would like to give off the tender charisma like Bae Yong Joon. Long times ago, I used to go to the same gym and billiard room with Bae Yong Joon. I didn’t go with him, just same time and same place. We used to live in the same neighborhood, Gangdonggu. Bae Yong Joon went to the Hanyoung High School, and I went to the Baejae High School.”

[Reposted] The most recent autograph

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According to the writer, her boss helped her get an autograph from BYJ. She said that she wants to keep it as a family treasure.

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[Info] Updates on Merchandise

source: LoveBaeYongJoon by bb

bb: there seems to be some confusion about the sales situation with the ECO calender. i’ve checked with keyeast and here’s what i’ve been told,

“… the Eco calendars are selling in Korea (10× and Japan. Both of these sites are sold out now. We are making again. All sales and distribution are on-line.”

and… on the Beauty of Korea book, seems like there’s gonna be a teeny weeny bit of delay as keyeast said,
“… and the English version of BYJ’s book will be selling in December. Please wait ^^”

hope this helps.

[Reposted photos] At Lee Hyo Jae’s house on October 5, 2010

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Japanese fans are taking pictures of the byj figure.

[Extracted News Trans] Makgeolli makes the world drunk. Export is increasing sharply.

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edaily 2010-10-05 14:19

“Gosireh Markgeolli” of Kooksoondang, as known as “Yonsama Makgeolli”, is blowing the Makgeolli wind in Japan. Until now, more than 200,000 bottles were sold since it came on the market April of last year. It is gaining great popularity with its soft taste and refined package design despite of its high price, 480 yen (about 5,800 won) per bottle.

[Trans] Joseijishin, October 5th, 2010

source: suehan's blog

Translated into Korean: yume3
Translated into English: suehan

Yonsama Hot News

“Tokyo Dome 2009” during the Japan visit in December
Decided to revive the excitement only for three days.

Yonsama will visit Japan in December this year. During his visit, “Bae Yong Joon 3D in Tokyo Dome 2009” which was shown in the theaters in May will be revived!

Event show of the same movie will be held at Piccadilly in Shinzuku from December 13th to December 15th, for three days only (Show will start at from 10 am for all three days.). Director Onaga Yutaka will perform a talk show as well. On the same day, Yonsama’s 3D card will be given away. Yonsama’s official mobile site (limited to members) is accepting pre-reservation (through lottery, ticket price is 3,000 yen). Sales for the general public will start on November 20th through Lawson and nationwide. For details, please visit at

Besides, the limited “2011 Eco Calendar (desk, 1,260 yen)” will be sold through the shopping site “bofi” starting from October 5th. 26 of Keyeast artists including Yonsama got together to produce the calendar. (Only Korean language was used for the notes. suehan: I’m not sure on this part, sorry. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) The sale profits will be donated to the environmental protection program of UNEP. It looks like the year-end will be ecological.

[Info] Update info on ECO Calendar

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suehan: I believe the sale of the Eco Calendar resumed yesterday (10/5, Korea time). I just check their website, and it says that only about 90 calendars are left for sale.

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[Info] Already Sold Out! (in Korea)

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According to the member of café byjintoronto, the Eco Calendar was already sold out in Korea. She said that she went to their website ( to order it around 2 pm yesterday (10/4, Korea Time), but the “sold out” sign came on.

Some members said that they were lucky to be able to order it before noon the same day. There is no indication of when they will start to sale it again.

Keyeast Eco Calendar
retail price 6,500 won

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[Captures] Samples of ECO Calendar

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[Trans] BYJ Mobile Site Staff Diary

source: BYJ Mobile / byjfamily by SNOW

日譯中:SNOW @byjfamily





[Info] Getting ready for the Tokyo Dome event?

October 3, 2010
By tomato99 ♥@LoveBaeYongJoon

JOB has put out a note last week;
Bae Yong Joon’s official site will cease registration for new ID card from Wednesday 6 October 2010 due to it’s maintenance operation.
Please complete your registration for ID card by Tuesday, 5 October.
Also, we ask you for your understanding that restart date for registration is not fixed. 

(maybe you are interested to know, same note is posted at KHJ’s site too.)

from our past experience, stopping new registration means that DA is getting to ready to make an announcement for ticketing on the event.

as i have already posted, bofi has already started accepting orders for official goods of the Hohoemi project. it is about time we hear more about the tickets for the Tokyo Dome event to be held in 14 December.

click here to read JOB news and here for information on official goods.

If you do not live in Japan and, if you are considering to participate “Message to Asia” event on 14 December. It may be wise for you to contact Keyeast or Digital Adventure and ask them about the ticketing.

Big Big Question!!
how long will yj appear on stage? what will yj do on stage?

[Photo] Official goods for “Hohoemi Project”

By tomato99 ♥ @LoveBaeYongJoon
source: bofi

bofi has started taking orders for “Hohoemi (smile) Project” official goods.

・these goods will be available at “Message to Asia” Tokyo Dome event on 14 December. however, some of the goods maybe sold out by pre-orders.
・part of the profit from goods sales will be donated.

read more about the event, here.

“Hohoemi Project” pamphlet price: jpy 2,000 (tax incl.)

“Hohoemi Project” rubber bracelet (2 set) price: jpy 500 (tax incl.)

“Hohoemi Project” penlight price: jpy 1,000 (tax incl.)

“Hohoemi Project” t-shirt (pink, white, balck) price: jpy 2,500 (tax incl.)

“Hohoemi Project” tote bag (reversible) price: jpy 2,500 (tax incl.)

“Hohoemi Project” warmer case (with mini warmer) price: jpy 1,000 (tax incl.)

[Reposted] A Photo Exhibition was held at GIK

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Photographer, Kwon Young Ho held a photo exhibition at Gorilla In The Kitchen last month. I'm reposting some pictures from

The writer said that she arranged a birthday party at GIK for her co-workers. That's why the tables and chairs were arranged like that as shown in the pictures.

[Trans]Who do you want to play golf with?

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from "Yoon Eun Ki’s Golf Management 19"
By Yoon Eun Ki, Dean of the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies;

We, golf columnists sometimes have a meeting. A while ago, we exchanged the opinions on the question of “Who do you want to play golf with?” 

Among the entertainers, Most of us would like to play with Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Hong Yo Sup, and Kim Young Chul. Some would even like to play Choi Bul Am. Among the female entertainers, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, Jeon In Hwa, and Jeon Ji Hyun were most popular.

Years ago, I had an opportunity to play golf with Bae Yong Joon and I was very surprised of his driving distance. It was beyond my expectation. In a short Par 5, he often could bring the ball on the green with two shots.