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[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong talks about Bae Yong Joon

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From the KHJ’s interview in the magazine, Women Joongang October issue.


There was a rumor that Kim Hyun Joong made a remarkable improvement in popularity because of his leading role in the band SS501 and his previous drama “Boys over Flowers” both moved into the entertainment industry in Japan. That rumor turned out to be true. Recently, he made an exclusive contract with ‘Keyeast’ which is operated by Bae Yong Joon, and it’s said that he is getting more gifts in Keyeast than Yonsama. It’s the first time since the company was founded that Bae Yong Joon was not the leading receiver of gifts. However, Bae Yong Joon is happy that he was able to sign Kim Hyun Joong.

“Yong Joon hyeong (suehan: big brother) and I often chat about relationships with women while having drinks.”

Kim Hyun Joong was selected as the next generation Hallyu star since he became popular in the Asian market, including Japan. And then, the original Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon picked him around the time when his contract with his previous agency was about to expire sometime last June. He became Yonsama’s man. He considers Yonsama as his role model. I was wondering how he thinks about the president, Bae Yong Joon. He called Bae Yong Joon as “Yong Joon hyeong” without hesitation when he was asked about their relationship.

“Frankly I was nervous when I met him the first time. His power and status was so strong when he got out of his car. I thought I was looking at the demigods like the King or Zeus. He isn’t a type of person who goes around puffed up or shows off, but I might have felt intimidated by his name “Yonsama”. After we exchanged a few words, I realized that “Ah.. He is a human being like me”. Now I think of him as a brother in the neighborhood.”

Bae Yong Joon makes a mythical impression like he doesn’t get along with people or he refrains himself from the outside world. But it’s said that he is just not noticed. He is a busy bee and is comfortable with his friends.

There is a fourteen years age difference between the two of them. They communicate and get along very well even though their age difference represents that of an uncle – nephew relationship. Recently, Bae Yong Joon and he, only the two of them, have been together about two or three times a week. They chat comfortably about the usual life stories, not dramas or albums, while they drink a coffee and green tea.

Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder of his agency; Kim Hyun Joong is a new face who Bae Yong Joon signed enthusiastically. In other words, they have a “president” and “a competent new employee” relationship. But Kim Hyun Joong said, “Looking at him from the side, Bae Yong Joon is easygoing, different than I had expected. He feels uncomfortable about the nickname which was given to him by the media. He becomes serious (?) by saying, “Don’t’ mess around with my name. Say my real name” when his friends make a telephone call and say “Hi, Yonsama”.

“I just call him Yong Joon hyeong. I can’t call him ‘the president’ or ‘Yonsama’. I can’t call him Ahjeossi (suehan; It means middle-aged man) either (laugh). I have a very comfortable relationship with him. We talk about our problems and we chat for hours easily. Sometimes, we get excited about pretty girls when we’re drinking. We talk about old girlfriends as well. We’re just like other men.”

He took over the cosmetic brand, ‘The Face Shop’, advertisement where Bae Yong Joon worked as a model. The photos and concepts of the advertisement give off a similar image that of Bae Yong Joon’s. This coming December, he will go to Japan with Bae Yong Joon for a stage appearance. It seems that his agency is operating ‘the little Yonsama project’ a bit intentionally. But Bae Yong Joon doesn’t coach him. “He doesn’t direct me to do this and that, every detail. I just watch him on the side and learn what I need from him when it is necessary.

Hyeong is very thorough in his self-management. He’s never shown a weak appearance to others. I try to take after his qualtiies. Aside from taking after him I think the expression of ‘Little Yonsama’ is too overestimated. I’ve never encountered the fans even after the events in Japan because I have only stayed in the hotel. So, I’m not sure whether I’m popular or not. Are you asking me why the fans like me? Hmm.. Because, I’m cute (laugh)”


[Trans]Bae Yong Joon didn't take a picture with me.

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Original in Korean: Kim Mi Ji
Date/Time: 2010.10.01 18:19
Translated into English: suehan

Lee Byung Hun came to our golf course.
Bae Yong Joon came here before as well, but he didn't take a picture with me.

Anyway, I took a picture with Lee Byung Hun.
My manager scolded me by saying that I shouldn’t do that when the members were watching us. Hahaha
It’s okay for me even though I was scolded. 
He was so handsome.

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[Info] DATV "Message to Asia" Open for application

source: byjfamily / posoku's blog


Applications are open for DATV members first starting Oct 1, 2010

「Message! to Asia」公開収録概要
□お問い合わせ:「Message! to Asia」公開収録事務局:0570-062-040

「Message! to Asia」番組に関してはこちらから


≪参加料: 7,200円(税込)≫

[Info] BOFi 2011 Keyeast ECO Calendar

[bofi]배용준&키이스트의 2011에코 캘린더(탁상용) bofi한정 판매!
source: byjgallery by miemi



[News Trans] Hosts of people who were manipulating the stock price were exposed.

source: suehan's blog

Financial news, 2010-10-01 05:40 

So-called “hosts of people” who were accused of gaining about 34 hundred million won in illegal-profits from stock price manipulation by overstating the contract that they made with the company where the famous Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder, and illegal trading (通情賣買. suehan: I don’t know the stock terms, but it means they exchanged information or promise to manipulate the stock price) were exposed by the district attorneys.

On the 30th of last month, the criminal division 5 of the Seoul Southern District Court (Judge Kim Joo Won) stated that they arrested and charged the former CEO Mr. Han (39) of Goje which is producer and distributor of red ginseng for the violation of the capital market and finance investment law.

The prosecution said that the private lender Mr. Min (36) who received the stock price manipulation request from Mr. Han, financer, and an operation member were arrested for the same charges. They also stated that two brokers were charged without detention and one broker was issued an arrest warrant after the stay of prosecution.

According to the prosecution, they made a trademark license contract and an exclusive sales contract with Gorilla last November, in which Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder. They were charged for false public announcement of an improbable supply contract without agreeing with Gorilla.


/ Reporter Kim Sung Hwan and Choi Soon Woong

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[Trans] BYJ visited France in 2008?

source: reposted from suehan's blog

I got this hint from Koo nim’s blog. She has a very good memory and ability to trace down incidents. Clap clap clap clap.
Last year, I also read a posting ( indicating that YJ visited a winery in France in 2008. At that time, I had doubts about the credibility of the story since it was from the internet, but a sommelier atom nim helped us to determine the truth.

First, let me translate the part indicating YJ’s visit.

“During the conversation with Jean-Luc Thunevin, I think of him as a businessman as well as a brewer. I heard that he doesn’t leave all of the brewing work to Michel Rolland and still participates with 50% of the rights, And I heard that Bae Yong Joon went to drink his wine. It was also said that Bae Yong Joon visited his Chateau in Bordeaux and talked about the drama “Drops of God” while having dinner and drinking his wine.

And here is atom’s nim posting ( regarding the visit of Chateau Canon in France. I picked up some pictures from his blog.

(France)Chateau Canon

2008/07/01 09:18

[Reposted] BYJ is a committee member.

source: suehan's blog

BYJ is a member of the steering committee of
"the 2010 Korea-Japan Interexchange Festival"
which will be held in Seoul on October 2nd and 3rd.
The address of the website is:

The Korean steering committee members

His name is at the bottom; Bae Yong Joon (Actor)

[Fan Account] A Miraculous Encounter

[FA] A Miraculous Encounter
posted by bb on LoveBaeYongJoon

original in japanese: Yumeyumeko / JOB 2010.09.23 (11,337 hits)
translated into english: Cloud Nine /

A Miraculous Encounter

I made my fourth visit to Korea from August 26 to 28.

Our plan this time was nothing to do with Yong Joon ssi and the main purpose was to watch a musical.

We enjoyed three- days- stay and the final moment of the final day… We had a miraculous encounter. Trying to remember now I feel my fingers shaking.

It was August 28 and before 3pm.

We did some shopping in Akkujon and had to go back to our hotel for the luggage. We didn’t have much time. We were walking down a narrow street for a bigger street in order to catch a taxi.

It started to rain…

On the street we were heading a black car pulled in and a person with a shoulder bag came out. He was in a black jacket, black slim-fit pants and black high-cut boots. As it was a narrow street, I tried to step out his way thinking ‘This man is very tall~”

Then I looked up slowly. Even though he was wearing black sunglasses I thought … “This man’s face is familiar..???”

“Wow ?! Yo…Yon-sama?!” (I usually don’t call him Yon-sama… laugh)

My friend and I looked at each other and we froze…

He was walking away so fast… ”I want to shake hands with him…”

But no one recognized him. We should not get closer to him, should we? What should we do? What should we do?

Just holding our arms, we were only watching him walk off.

His manager was following him to put up an umbrella and I wonder if the manager told about us, who looked suspiciously Japanese. Suddenly he looked back and waved to us! We could not say a word but kept waving on the spot ^^

Then people who recognized him came out of the shop and started to gather.

“He is going away so fast ~ ・゚゚・(>_< ;)・゚゚・。

But he once again looked back and waved to us. How sweet of him…

How come wasn’t I able to say at least “Happy Birthday!!”… I really regret this.

He looked back and waved to us. Now I think it was to show his gratitude to us who didn’t scream, but only saw him off. He looked a bit tanned and was very fine.

I have wanted to share this much sooner with everyone who are worrying about his health, but I was unable to post. I was afraid that my story may sound like I’m bragging. I told this story to my friends who were not his fans and many of their responses were “We haven’t seen Yon-sama recently, but it’s good to know he is fine.”

So I thought BYJ fans are eager to know how he is doing now. I worked up my courage to write this.

If this hurts your feelings, I’m sorry.

P.S. The hair style of Yong Joon ssi was like ‘Insoo’s hair’.

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[VOD] Y Star News on KeyEast Eco Calendar

[영상 ]배용준- Y-star'닮은꼴' 배용준·김현중, 미소
source: byjgallery by makishi

[Trans] Joseijishin September 28, 2010

reposted from suehan's blog

Translated into Korean: yume3
Translated into English: suehan


Undisclosed scenes will be released through “Bae Yong Joon’s Holiday in Hawaii” which will be aired starting November.

First smile in Hawaii

Yonsama in an off white jacket took a walk in a Hawaii street on a quiet morning.

Seeing his facial expression in the warm sunshine, he is surrounded by a soft atmosphere coming from relaxation.

The program, “Bae Yong Joon’ Holiday in Hawaii” will be aired on DATV starting November 13th. It consists of 5 episodes and it will feature Yonsama closely who visited Hawaii for the calendar shooting July of this year.

On December 14th, the charity program “Message to Asia” (it will be aired on DATV on January 10th next year) will be held at the Tokyo Dome. From October 1st, pre-reservation will be started. (For the DATV customers who joined DATV by September 30, monthly fee is 2,500 yen. The ticket price will be 7,400 yen from 8,400 yen. For more details; please visit DATV at http://datvjp/).

His Family is looking forward to a “reunion” with Yonsama. The nights of fall grow darker.

[Trans] From Andre Kim's book, "My Fantasy".

source: suehan's blog

Reposted by smile nim on KOB
Translated into English: suehan

I’m using many TV and movie stars for male models in my fashion show. They’re very humble on the fashion show stage. Rather, the unaware have hastily more confidence than TV and movie stars since they are not smart. A Top star that is brilliant and great in his acting worries a lot about how to walk on stage.

The greater the top stars, the more humble. I saw Bae Yong Joon worry a lot. No matter which field it is, the tops are very humble in the field which they are unaware of, unnecessarily. That’s the truth there are no exceptions. 

But, they gain confidence when they wear boots. I make them wear boots to appear more masculine and with dignified confidence when they walk on the stage. Average man’s shoes are limited in raising the height of a male individual. High-hills for woman can raise the height about 12-15 cm, but not the average man’s shoes. But boots can raise the height a couple centimeters.

Among the Korean TV stars, there are tall stars like Cha In Pyo, Jang Dong Gun, and Bae Yong Joon, but the average Korean stars’ height is about 177-178 cm. If they wear regular shoes, they will be covered by the female models. Because, professional female model’s height is about 177-179 cm. On top of that, they wear about 7-12 cm high-hills.

I would like to pursue the masculine confidence, steps coming from that masculine confidence, and facial expression filled with intelligence. Of course, it might be awkward to wear boots with a wedding tuxedo. But I rather combine the future-oriented, drastic new attempt and the masculine confidence.

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[Trans] BYJ Manager’s Blog(60)

September 28, 2010
By tomato99 ♥ 
source: BYJ Mobile Official Site
BYJ Manager’s Blog

Annyong Hasaeyo, dear family
27 September 2010

by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan
Japanese to English: tomato99@LoveBaeYongJoon

Annyong Hasaeyo, dear family,
this is Yang Geun Hwan.

In Korea, you can already feel the air of autumn.
Few days ago, I was busily walking but stopped for a moment and looked up at the sky.
The sky was getting higher and sun seemed deeper.
Ah, autumn is here… the words unconsciously came out.

Some of you may be exhausted from this year’s specially long, hot and muggy summer,
In autumn, please eat many tasty and healthy things, start your exercises that you had stopped because of summer heat and get recharged again.

Korean version and Japanese version of Yong Joon-san’s “Discovering the Beauty of Korea” was published last September, and one year later, Taiwan version and Chinese version was published this September.
We are now working on English version setting the goal for publication in November.
Many family have loved Korean and Japanese version, and many family from abroad have showed so much interest in the book’s translation and publication, we are able to publish it after one year of hard work.
Yong Joon-san and I feel it worthwhile to be able to reply to your love and concern.

September is start of autumn, a harvest season.
Particularly in Korea, we have chuseok which all family members get together, it is a month to enrich our heart and soul.
Yong Joon-san and I had spent time together with family this chuseok。
Please have happy autumn.

Thank you for everything.

Yang Geun Hwan

[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon’s copyright infringement lawsuit against the travel agency was concluded through “mediation”.

source: suehan's blog
010.09.28 10:23

The copyright infriengement lawsuit which was filed by Bae Yong Joon and his agency against G travel agency was concluded through “mediation”.

The civil division 13 of the Seoul Central District Court stated that the mediation has been completed. The agreement was that G company pays 10 million won for the damages and is prohibited to use Bae Yong Joon’s picture, name and nickname on the internet.

Bae Yong Joon filed a copyright infringement lawsuit for one hundred million won for the damages when G company used BYJ’s name on their website as an incentive to appeal to Japanese tourists last year.

[Jeong Joo Young /]

[Info] The villa where some calendar pictures were taken in Hawaii.

tomato99 at LoveBaeYongJoon has also posted some info on the photo shooting (for the 2011 calendar) sites in Hawaii, pls check here to find out more:

source: suehan's blog
A while ago, a sommelier atom posted the pictures of the villa where he stayed in Hawaii with YJ. Barbie nim posted some of pictures from BYJ’s 2011 calendar and atom’s pictures on the café byjintoronto to compare them. She said she reposted them from maron nim’s blog.

She also shared the website address for the villa to look at more pictures of it. It is $2,250 per night and has 7 bedrooms. Here is the website address; 

[Youtube] SBS-BYJ rode a bike to shoot an environmental campaign

source: suehan's blog

source: boonseongbae nim (byjintoronto)

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[VOD] Keyeast stars shooting for Eco Calendar

source: byjfamily / innolife

[MBN]환경 캠페인 위해 배우들 모여-용준님 자건거 타시는 동영상

[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young participate in the production of “Eco Calendar” for free.

source: byjgallery by 권오경

source: suehan's blog
Yonhap News 2010-09-27 11:15

(Seoul=Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Byung Gyu = Top stars including Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, and Kim Hyun Joong got together to produce the calendar for the environment.

On the 27th, their agency, Keyeast stated that they produced “2011 Eco Calendar” with the actors of Keyeast, Choi Gang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Ji Ah, So Yi Hyun, Hwan Hee, Hong Soo Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun.

This calendar contains stories related to the environmental anniversary, marking the official environmental anniversary, and actors’ comments relating to the environment anniversary which were specified by the actors.

Keyeast paid all of the production expenses. This calendar used Environmentally-friendly papers and vegetable bean oil ink for its production and was produced through an environmentally-friendly production process. Entire profits will be donated to Global Environment Program of the Korean committee of the United Nations Environment Program.

Keyeast’s actors donated the profits from the shooting of the environmental photo book for the magazine last May to environmental groups.

The calendar will be released by the on-off line store of Korea Ten by Ten ( and Japan Bofi site ( at the same time. It will also be introduced through a Smart-phone application in the middle of October.

Yang Geun Hwan, the representative of Keyeast said, “All of the actors became the Eco – supporters this year like last year.”, and “The calendar contains the honest stories from the actors regarding the environment with smiles.”

(The End)

[News] Yonsama in Hawaii at DATV


プレミアム番組/ぺ・ヨンジュン ハワイの休日 詳細情報

ぺ・ヨンジュン ハワイの休日

11月13日放送スタート #1 11月13日(土)13:45~14:00
#1 11月15日(月)8:15~8:30 ほか
©KEYEAST/Digital Adventure

ぺ・ヨンジュン ハワイの休日 の紹介


ぺ・ヨンジュン ハワイの休日 出演者

By tomato99 ♥ @LoveBaeYongJoon
source: Nikkan Sports
2010/9/27 6:27am

It is revealed on 9/26, Bae Yong Joon’s Japanese managing office, Digital Adventure’s tv station “DATV” is planning to air a new program with unseen scenes of Yon-sama, “Bae Yong Joon, Holiday in Hawaii” on November 13.
The video will feature Yon-sama visiting Hawaii for shooting of next year’s calendar in July for about a week.

Walking on streets of Hawaii, riding on bicycle, getting comfortable at poolside, you can find him relaxed in open air.
Plants a coffee tree when visiting a coffee farm, and skillfully cooks for his staff, you can find him in new style that you have never seen in drama or movie.
Since there is no news on his new project, this will be a precious video for fans.

the program will air at skyperfect tv! 750ch. or It’s com311ch. calendar is on sale now at bofi site.

[Trans] From the GQ Magazine

source: suehan's blog
conda nim shared this article with us on café byjintoronto.

Actors from the investors’ perspective.
It is said that actors do not really affect the box office these days. The investors are still cold-hearted. We ask six investors about who they consider investing in and those they stay away from. -Editor Moon Sung Won

suehan: The magazine selected three actors they were willing to invest in: Kang Dong Won, Song Gang Ho, and Jeon Do Yeon. However, they would not invest in: Bae Yong Joon, Lee Jung Jae, and Hwang Jung Min.

Bae Yong Joon

I heard that he wants to appear in the movie. But, he just can’t appear in any movies he wants to do. He is so popular and influential financially that the investors and producers aren’t“hiring” Bae Yong Joon but Bae Yong Joon is “hiring” them. He is equivalent to a company now. 

Even though a certain role suits the acting of Bae Yong Joon really well investing in him is still very problematic. Bae Yong Joon presently remains a huge actor and his mere appearance in a movie instantly possesses headlines of “Bae Yong Joon’s next movie.” It is a burden on the investors that they can’t deal with. They can’t do anything. - A team leader of A investment company.