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[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon and ‘1N2D’ didn’t attend The Award Ceremony of ‘The Stars of the Korean Tourism’

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2010-07-08 17:30:31 

On the eight of July, around 4:40 pm, The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism held the award ceremony of ‘2010 The Stars of The Korean Tourism’ at the Lotte Hotel at Joongu Sogongdong in Seoul 

Actor Bae Yong Joon and ‘1N2D’ team of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Sunday’ were chosen as award winners of the achievement sector in the special category, but they didn’t attend the award ceremony.

Currently, Bae Yong Joon is in the United States because of his 13 day schedule in the United States (suehan: I’m not clear on this part. Either he is scheduled to stay for 13days or he is scheduled for something on the 13th), and CEO Shin Pil Soon of Keyeast accepted the award on his behalf.

The team of ‘1N2D’ didn’t attend the award ceremony due to their inside affairs as well.

‘The Stars of The Korean Tourism’ selected the contributors who worked for the development of tourism last year for a total of 10 categories by the on-line voting from the public and the evaluation of specialists after they were recommended.//on-line news team

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[News] BYJ & 1N2D Team have been chosen as the award winners for the 2010 Korea National Tourism Special Award.

BYJ & 1N2D Team have been chosen as the award winners for the 2010 Korea National Tourism Special Award.

배용준&‘1박2일’팀 한국관광의 별 공동 수상[스포츠동아]

배용준 KBS 2TV 예능 프로그램 ‘해피선데이-1박2일’팀이 ‘2010 한국관광의 별’ 공로자 부문 공동 수상자로 결정됐다.

배용준은 한국방문의해 홍보 대사로 외국 관광객을 유치하고, 지난해 발간한 책 ‘한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행’을 통해 국내 여행의 멋과 아름다움을 널리 알린 공로를, ‘1박2일’팀은 대한민국 곳곳의 숨어있는 절경을 꾸준히 찾아 국내 관광 활성화에 기여한 점을 인정받았다.

‘한국관광의 별’은 국내 관광에 대한 국민들의 관심을 제고하고, 창의적인 발상으로 국내관광발전에 기여한 개인과 단체를 발굴하기 위해 문화체육관광부가 올해 처음 제정해 총 10개 부문에 걸쳐 시상한다.

(사)제주 올레길 체험(관광상품), 전주 한옥 마을(관광시설), 횡성 숲체원(장애인우수관광시설), 나홀로 여행가기 나만의 추억만들기(온라인 매체), 우리나라 그림 같은 여행지(단행본), 명동 움직이는 관광안내소(관광안내시스템), 라궁(숙박사업장), 벌교원조꼬막식당(외식사업장), 인천국제공항공사(휴가문화 우수기업) 등이 수상자 명단에 이름을 올렸다.

시상식은 8일 오후 4시40분 서울 소공동 롯데호텔에서 열린다.

스포츠동아 이길상 기자

[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon returns to the living room, ‘Yonsama Effect’ turns up

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[Metro] 2010/07/07 (Wed) 08:57 am

Yonsama Bae Yong Joon will return as an actor after a three year long silence.

He has finally decided to appear in the drama ‘Dream High’ which he has planed with Park Jin Young for about two years. ‘Dream High’ covers the story about growing students in art school. It hasn’t been decided yet which role he will play, but according to the staff of Keyeast, he will play a key role who leads the drama at the center of important events.

Bae Yong Joon has kept a cautious tone about his appearance while he was deeply involved in the planning and production of the drama. But since he decided to appear and has started to get involved in the drama more actively, the production progresses rapidly like the confirmation of the temporary broadcasting on the ground-wave for January of next year.

After the news of his appearance was revealed, ‘Yonsama Effect’ clearly turned up like the additional investment offers, the appearance inquiries from the top stars, etc. Especially, since he who is a most highly paid actor in the Korean entertainment industry decided to appear without charging any fees, we can expect the additional profits from the reduction of the production costs.

From the Bae Yong Joon’s appearance, the most riffle effect will be coming from the overseas expert. It’s expected that its copyright price and brand value will be increased sharply because he stopped acting after the drama ‘TWSSG’ and from the expectation to meet him in the modern drama after six years since the movie ‘April Snow’. The production team recently finished the planning works and will begin to work on the casting in full-scale.

Yoo Sun Ho (Repoter)

[News Trans]It’s confirmed that ‘Dream High’ will be aired on KBS sometime this winter and early next year.

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2010-07-07 17:40 

It has been decided that the drama ‘Dream High’ which Keyeast, JPY Entertainment, and CJ Media co-produce, will be aired on KBS.

The Director Lee Eung Jin of the KBS Drama Dept. had a phone conversation with this company and said, “At the conference with the working-group, we decided to broadcast ‘Dream High’ sometime this winter and early next year, and are currently working on its strategy.”

It has been a topic since the drama production company Holim, which Bae Yong Joon’s Keyeast and JPY Entertainment co-invested, and CJ Media collaborate to produce the drama ‘Dream High’. It is a school drama which describes the stories of students who are growing with the happenings and hardships of art school. It’ll be showing songs, dances, acting, and the real aspects of the domestic entertainment industry.

Especially, other than fresh young actors/actresses, it has been known that Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young will participate in the drama directly and indirectly. It draws attention about whether and how BYJ and PJY will appear in the drama.

On the other hand, its production is visualized like organizing an open-audition, and actors/actress, idol group member, and many newcomers will join the drama.

Maeilkyungje, Startoday, Reporter Cho Eun Young]

[Reposted and Trans] Visiting The Tea Expert, Mr. Shin Kwang Soo

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suehan: I'm just roughly translating the stories that are related to BYJ.

Original in Japanese: Yasai
Translated into English: suehan

The tea expert, Mr. Shin Kwang Soo who appears on page 195 of BYJ's book, "The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea."

it takes almost 2 hours from the airport to go to a tea expert--Mr. Shin.

We arrived at his house around 4:30 in the afternoon. As soon as we arrived, Mr. Shin took us to his tea field in the mountains.He drove us himself.

He was driving the truck he uses every day for work. On one side, there is a sharp cliff. But when BYJ and his staff visited Mr. Shin, BYJ's Land Rover followed his truck. Later we heard, according to BYJ's staff, BYJ was very expressive while driving on this cliff. 

In sight is a pine tree.As BYJ saw this tree, he proclaimed, "That tree is like me."

After coming back from the tea field, BYJ and Mr. Shin enjoyed conversation together over 23 cups of tea for about six hours.

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[Captures] New KOB / JOB Background Photo & BGM






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{Update] BYJ Update....

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I heard that BYJ flew off to Los Angeles on July 3rd or 4th (Korea time).

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[VODs / News] KHJ & SS501 News on the contract issue ~ BYJ related

[Vid & Article] 070310 Entertainment Relay

source: liezle's blog / 미니미니

070310 Entertainment Relay
from: tvdaily

Korean to English translation by Ode /

Singer and actor Kim HyunJoong's new agency company has expressed their stand with "We will be giving support to Kim HyunJoong's will positively and without hesitation."

On the 3rd July through KBS2 TV's "Entertainment Relay", a phone interview was conducted with his current agency Keyeast personnel.

SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong has signed on to a contract with Bae Yong Joon's company Keyeast last June 29. SS501 has carried out short promotional activities with their new album that lasted for only about 2 weeks, and has now ended.

With Kim HyunJoong's new recruitment into new agency, the future moves of remaining 4 members has of course become an issue to talk about, and SS501's existence has thus aroused about a huge wave of enthusiastic responses. Relating to this, Kim HyunJoong's new agency Keyeast said, "Kim HyunJoong still wants to carry out group activities. No matter what kind of decision will be made, we will give our positive support to his wills, even if in the case of carrying out group activities, we will not hesitate to render full support".

On the other hand, SS501 Park JungMin was rumoured to have signed on with foreign company Sony Taiwan, to this, he's stated his stand, "Right until now, I have not signed up with any companies. I will only give my reply after further discussion with my members, and when I'm done with signing on to any new contracts, I will officially inform everyone personally".

source: Marvie from liezle's blog
SS501 & Hyun Joong @ Star News Top #6 on YStar News [10.07.03]

Credit : prismatic7forum@youtube

[Trans] They're long and soft, like YJ's hands

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2010/07/05 07:22

Restaurant 'Gorumet Eo' in Cheongdamdong

A long awaited return to Gourmet Eo
One of the few restaurants where you can have a satisfying meal.


【vod】History of ペ・ヨンジュン VOL.21

【vod】History of ペ・ヨンジュン VOL.21
source: flare's blog

[trans] CNN reveals their Top 20 for “South Korea’s Hottest Male Celebs”

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Whether it's cute and boyish or rugged and manly that floats your boat, you'll find all the hunk you'll ever need right here in this list of South Korea's most gorgeous men

By Jemi Choi 2 July, 2010

There are men, and then there are MEN. These specially chosen South Korean celebs, who we've selected purely on the basis of how much drool they elicited from the female members of our staff, no doubt have solid acting, modeling and/or singing skills. But it's their chocolate abs, sublime faces and lean, mean, sex-machine bodies that get them a place on this list. Never has scrolling been so pleasurable.


3. Bae Yong-joon: Actor
Bae Yong Joon MV 「PREMIUM DAYS 2008」

Bae Yong-joon is a classic. The highest paid South Korean celeb rose to fame in the 2002 KBS's mega hit "Winter Sonata". He did not only become a celebrity, but a worldwide superstar.The sensible good-looking gentleman began melting women's hearts as a youngster with his debut role in the 1994 KBS drama "Barefoot Days". His role in the 2003 movie "Untold Scandal" began to jeopardize his standing as Korea's #1 main man. However, MBC's 2007 drama "The Legend" brought out the best in Yon-sama! He is known for his classic good looks and signature eyeglasses. He will remain a true "Legend" to all K-drama fans.


Read more: South Korea's 20 hottest male celebs |

source: allkpop

America’s very own CNN has hand-picked their personal top 20 South Korea’s Hottest Male Celebs through an internet panel, and has finally revealed their interesting results!

Just a preview of who some of these studly actors whose names were put onto the top 20 list are Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, Joo Jin Mo and Jo In Sung.

CNN explained, “Without there being a single woman in doubt, these gentlemen are carrying out their excellence in skills from acting, modeling, to singing.”

The following attractive celebrity names are those that ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

CNN selectively chose Jang Dong Gun to be ranked 1st place:

“Even through the glamorous female actress, Go So Young, has already claimed him, it was interesting watching his on-screen activities for many years.”

“From his debut production Our Heaven, Jang Dong Gun left a powerful impression through his drama, Last Winner (1994), and became even more worthy of being watched after his infamous role in the movie, Friend (2000).”

2nd place was snagged by Won Bin, and after CNN picked out his favorable aspects and gave a further explanation:

“Statue-like face and a sexy voice.”

“Jumping onto the Hallyu realm after the drama Autumn Fairy Tale (2000), he became one of the most loved celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry.”

CNN chose Bae Yong Jun to represent the third hottest male celebrity in Korea:

“He rose as one of Korea’s most valuable celebrities through Winter Sonata.”

“Bae Yong Jun not only became a famous celebrity, but he became a world-wide super star.”

“For his Korean drama fans, he will always remain as a true ‘legend’”

The 17 other heart-throbs of Korea according to CNN were Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung, Lee Junki, Daniel Henney, Dennis Oh, So Ji Sub, Rain, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Choi Min Shik, Song Seung Hun, Kwon Sang Woo and Ha Jung Woo.