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[News Trans][Opinion poll]In Japan, Who comes to your mind when you think of Koreans? First, Bae Yong Joon, Second, Kim Yeon Ah.

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DongAilbo 2010-06-10 03:19 
Reporter Kang Eun Jee; 

[DongAilbo]100 years since the Japanese annexation of Korea, the relations of the two countries..

DongAilbo and Asahi polls

“Watch the Korean movies – dramas” 32%


Japanese remind of Bae Yong Joon (23%), Kim Yeon Ah (11%), the former president Kim Dae Joong(10%), Choi Ji Woo(5%), and Lee Byung Hun (5%) orderly when they think of Koreans. But, their interests on the Korean entertainers weren’t connected to the interests on the Korean language. 

Responses to the question, “Do you want to learn Korean?”, 67% of the Japanese answered, “I don’t want to learn Korean.”, 4% answered, “I’ve already learned Korean.”, and 26% answered, “I’d like to learn Korean.”.

[Reposted & Trans] Yonsama came to the Café Miel.

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Yonsama came to the Café Miel.

Yonsama’s car is in the middle. It looks like a Ferrari even though I don’t have much knowledge about cars. I heard that this car is worth about 0.7 billion Won. OMG..
He might have gotten rid of the Maybach. A Maserati and BMW are right next to it, but they can’t compare to it.

I saw Yonsama nim in person. He is tall, handsome, and has good manners.

Of course, I’m better looking. Hahaha. Please don’t throw a stone at me...
His fans waved at him and he waved back at them. He left with a smile.

[Article] Can Ryu Si-won follow Yonsama’s act?

June 10, 2010

Can Ryu Si-won follow Yonsama’s act?

Korean actor-singer Ryu Si-won will team up with the Korea Tourism Organization to attract overseas travelers to Korea, especially tourists from Japan, where he has a large fan base.

The KTO said in a statement late last month that it had signed a contract with Ryu to develop two new tour packages.


After witnessing what it calls the “Bae Yong-joon effect,” the nation’s tourism body decided to enlist other celebrities who are popular overseas to help boost tourism this year.

Korean actor Bae Yong-joon became popular throughout Asia with his portrayal of the sophisticated main character in the TV drama “Winter Sonata.”

Eight years later, his fans are still willing to spend money on items related to him.

Although the drama series came to an end in March 2002, Keyeast Co., the entertainment company that produced an animated version of Winter Sonata that was released last year, said it saw a sales increase of 223 percent from a year ago in the first quarter of this year due to sales of the drama.

Bae has worked as a promotional representative for the KTO for the past three years, and the tourism organization believes his efforts have contributed to higher-than-expected number of travelers from Japan, where he is extremely popular.

Last year, the KTO set a goal of attracting 7.5 million visitors from overseas, but it exceeded its goal with a total of 7.8 million visitors. Four out of 10 of those travelers were from Japan, the tourism organization said. That helped the tourism organization turn a profit for the first time since 2000.

Like Bae, Ryu has also a large fan base in Japan. A total of 1,200 Japanese fans were invited to an event for fans in February and desperate fans searching for invitations helped push the ticket price to 2 million won ($1,818). His concerts in Japan also often sell out. The 80,000 tickets for his concert there last November sold out quickly.

“Most of Ryu’s fans are Japanese, so we expect to earn about 15 billion won if we succeed in meeting our goal and attract 10,000 visitors from Japan this year,” said Han. “A Japanese tourist spends about $1,300 in Korea on average, so it is a possible goal.”

Although the Korean wave, or hallyu, has started to fade in Japan, some Korean stars continue to maintain huge fan bases there. Along with Bae and Ryu, actor Park Yong-ha, comedian Cho Hye-ryun, actor Lee Byung-hun and Kwon Sang-woo often make headlines in Japanese entertainment news and many of the nation’s idol groups still head to Japan in hopes of becoming the next Bae or Ryu. Most recently, girl groups T-ara, 4 Minute, After School and KARA debuted in Japan.

By Sung So-young []

Credit : JoongAngDaily

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[Capture] BYJ Nintendo DS - New Korean Language Program

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[Trans]from the comment section.

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The blogger who took the pictures of YJ in his Ferrari below added some more information on the comment section.

He said, “There was a man sitting next to Yong Joon ssi, and he appeared to be YJ’s manager. He didn’t wear any make-up and looked so simple. He looked like he was enjoying driving. You can’t see him on the picture well, but he didn’t shave.^^ He was simple and handsome.”2010/06/08 12:48

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[VOD] BYJ's Japan Trip documentary

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※ 2010.06.05(土) DATV放送

[VOD] BYJ History Vol.17

【VOD】History of ペ・ヨンジュン VOL.17
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