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[News] Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Asao sisters visit Gosireh

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To commemorate 35years anniversary of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's TV program,"Tetsuko's Room," a special 2hours program will be aired on golden time.

On this special program Ms. Kuroyanagi goes out from her room and goes out to meet ice skating sisters, Mao and Mai Asao.
Sisters show Ms. Kuroyanagi ice skating and Kuroyanagi invite the sisters to BYJ's Gosireh in return.

special program will be aired on 1 May 2010, 7:00pm to 8:51pm at TV Asahi, 


Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (黒柳徹子 Kuroyanagi Tetsuko?) (born August 9, 1933 in Tokyo) is an internationally famous Japanese actress, a talk show host, a best-selling author of children book,a World Wide Fund for Nature advisor, and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She is well-known for her charitable works, and is considered as one of the first Japanese celebrities who achieved international recognition.In 2006, Donald Richie referred to Kuroyanagi in his book Japanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People as "the most popular and admired woman in Japan."

[Captures] Commemorative of the beginning of Gosireh - BYJ History HD Version

高矢禮gosireh《イベント》『History of ペ・ヨンジュン』スタート記念 拡大版(2010.04.15)
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イメージ 2
イメージ 3
イメージ 4
イメージ 5




高矢禮 火

高矢禮 火(ゴシレ ファ)
SUNSHINE SAKAE 名古屋店ロッテシティホテル 錦糸町店

“火”をテーマとしたお料理とお酒の直火DINING & DRINKINGです。
高矢禮 火

高矢禮 健(ゴシレ ゴン)



『History of ペ・ヨンジュン』







2010年度 料理教室 第1回受講生募集

今回、新たにご用意した料理教室は、今まで受講して頂いたお客様の声に応じ「学びたい韓国料理」をテーマにしており ます。今まで「この料理が学んでみたい!作ってみたい」といったお客様の声に応じ、安秉銀シェフが選んだ韓国料理を今回の料理教室で是非体験してみて下さ い!








[Trans] Do you remember the pictures below?

He visited the building where DAUM was located last year.
Well, I found the posting describing the relationship between
BYJ and the owner of the building.

Original in Korean: Lee Narae
Translated into English: suehan

Ilshin Office Building in Hannamdong

2010.04.16 13:03

I worked at the office building in Hannam for about fifteen days.
Entire building was covered with glass.

I was scared in the elevator, and even on the stairs.
(suehan: The writer was scared of the elevator and stairs because he was able to see the elevation from the floor through the glass.)

It’s said that the owner of this building is Bae Yong Joon’s friend, 
so he appears here quite often.

[Photo] DA office

For further reading, pls go to Jaime's blog

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[Reposted and Trans] Bae Yong Joon and Golden Eggs

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2010.04.15 14:55

I ate everything that she gave me without hesitation because it was so delicious and good for my health.

I think I ate about 10 of them. I didn’t really count them.

They were plums that were ripened over three years. They were so soft and they melted in my mouth.

I heard that Bae Yong Joon had more than five of them, on the spot.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon appears in ‘Dream High’, which role will be suitable for him?

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2010-04-14 09:45 

[JES Kim Inkoo]Bae Yong Joon will be appearing in the 16 episode mini-series. Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young will produce the series with CJ Media funds.

On the 14th of April, according to someone from the production company, Bae Yong Joon agreed to appear in the drama. The duration of his appearances and its consistency weren’t confirmed yet, but they did put Park Jin Young’s appearance into consideration greatly. 

‘Dream High’ is a teen drama that uses an art school like Anyang Art School or Seon Hwa Art School as its setting. It’ll describe the dream, disappointments, and growth of teenagers who dream to be singers, actors, dancers, or directors. It’ll also spotlight the domestic entertainment industry, songs, dances, and acting. 

A member of the production staff said, “The broadcasting of the 16 episode mini-series on local or cable channels has yet to be determined. The writer is working on the script and has finished the second episode. We’ll finish the casting for the main roles and begin filming when the fourth and fifth episodes are completed.” They plan to air about the end of this year or the early part of next year.

It looks like Bae Yong Joon will help in various ways with his appearances in the drama. He will participate in the overall drama planning and producing. Co-producer Park Jin Yong will be involved in the sound source of the drama and actively aid in the drama’s production. They may appear as tough teachers, or representatives of a production agency, or successful entertainers in the drama. The mystery of their roles in the drama may make the show more enticing to watch. 

In regards to this matter, Yang Geun Hwan, the represeantive of Bae Yong Joon’s Keyeast said, “We devote ourselves to the casting, directing, and developing of the solid script to make the number one show in Asia. It has yet to been determined whether Bae Yong Joon ssi will appear or not, but we will approach this matter positively with open mind. We’re looking for various methods.” 

Reporter Kim Inkoo[]

A brief intro on CJ Media, which i found from the web.

CJ media is in charge of media industry, one of the core industries in CJ group, the best entertainment company. It started from 1995 with Mnet, the music channel, and has been with the history of Korean cable TV, developing into the media entertainment business that leads the unlimitedly prospering digital era.

Based on the producing ability of high quality contents and developed broadcasting system, and media management know-how from many years of broadcasting business, CJ media currently has the first entertainment channel on cable TV 'tvN', national movie channel 'Channel CGV', best sport channel 'Xports', movies and entertainment channel 'XTM', national music & entertainment channel 'Mnet', food & lifestyle channel 'O'live network', animation channel 'Champ', international documentary channel 'national geographic channel', Korea's first digital PPV/VOD service 'CGV CHOICE', and Korea's first data link service audio channel 'Ozic Mnet'.

Witness the unlimited development of CJ media as a professional media entertainment company based on the outstanding cultural contents of Korea.
CJ media is now stepping up into becoming Asia's best cultural contents business, producing its own unique contents based on the broadcast, communications and new digital platform. CJ media will grow into the professional media business in the center of Asia by broadening the area of business, development of new broadcasting service and active overseas expansion and diversification of entertainment business.

[Captures] joseijishin web photos

[joseijishin web photo] 배용준이 극비 일본 방문! 그 이유는···!?



trans:BYJ Gallery miemi













[Photo&Scan] 4/13 Nihon Keizai신문

source: byjgallery by mizuumi



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[News Trans]Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young and CJ Media decided to work together to produce ‘Dream High’.

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 SPN 2010-04-13 09:41 

[edaily SPN Reporter Kim Yong Wun]Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young and CJ Media decided to work together to produce the drama ‘Dream High’.

On the 2nd of April, the drama production company ‘Holim’, which was founded by Keyeast and JYP Entertainment, signed MOU with CJ Media to co-produce ‘Dream High’.

‘Dream High’ is a school drama which describes the stories of students who are growing with the happenings and hardships of art school. It’ll be showing songs, dances, acting, and the real aspects of the domestic entertainment industry. 

Bae Yong Joon of Keyeast will participate in the overall making and planning of the drama. Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment will participate in the sound source of the drama and dance producing works. It’s known that Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young are considering to appear in the drama.

Kim Tae Won, the drama director of CJ Media, said, “We have watched the pre-production works and its smooth preparation. It made us decide to join the production.”, and “Right now, the importance of the contents is getting higher every day. We expect ‘Dream High’ to be a good example of new ‘One Source Multi-Use’ of Asia not only over the original source of the drama, but over the limitation of the added contents value.

‘Dream High’ will be filmed after selecting the actors/actresses through an audition. The drama will be shown in the later part of this year.

[Scan] 12.4.10 joseijishin / shukanjosei - 27.4.10 Issue

[SCAN]배용준-극비방일으로 ”가족”에도 인사-성원에 싸였던 미소- Weekly Magazine4.13
source: byjgallery by miemi