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[Trans] Our actor, Bae Yong Joon bought lunch for us.

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Original in Korean: Yellow Angel (
Translated into English: suehan

Our actor, Bae Yong Joon bought lunch for us.

To our baeto members who have been waiting for the story desperately.

I saw our Jooni.
Two buses which were filled with many Korean families, luckily more than I expected, headed to Jeongdongjin.

First, we were touched when Keyeast’s staff informed us that they would pay all the expenses for us and donate the fees which we paid to attend this event.

After we arrived in Jeongdongjin, Jooni bought a seafood tofu soup for us at the restaurant. At the entrance of the Sun Cruise hotel, I saw the body guards controlling all other cars.

When we entered the hotel in two rows, the bodyguard who was holding the radio said, “Korean VIP families are entering now!”. We’re touched again!!

We went to the sky lounge on the 8th floor and were very excited when we saw many Japanese families taking pictures at the spot where there was a good view. We expected to take pictures the same way and half-fainted when we saw Jooni through a telescope.

It was really fantastic when we saw him arranging his hair with an umbrella because the wind blew a little. A strong wind blew all the facilities away and even the sky lounge was shaking.

Choi Ji Woo stayed away from it during the filming at the other place. The wind changed to a strong level like a Hurricane, and the facilities were blown away and hit the people in a second. I couldn’t even scream. Sob. Sob..

We were so sad and worried, and more sad when we think of Joonie who would worry a lot. We were restless when we thought whether we should leave now or not.

Staff told us to go downstairs. We all went down and sat for a while. And then I was so happy when Mr. Shin appeared. Because Jooni will show up when Mr. Shin appears.
Yes. Joonie came.
He was wearing a hooded black leather jacket and black skinny jean.
He was coming in front of me.

It was strange to me. Why? Because he wasn’t the same person we saw in the picture.
His face is small, and his eyes, nose, and mouth was big and clear. He was so pretty. He looks way younger and more handsome in person than a picture.

I can’t remember what kind of questions I asked to him.
He looks slim.
How is your health?
“Yes. I’m good. (smile)” He saw my eyes. I didn’t know that he has big eyes.
He is in his late 30s, but his eyes were big and clear compare to his age.

“How are the injured fans?”
“One fan was really hurt, and the others got bruises.”
“Reporters came?”
“News already came out saying, 27 got injuries.”
“Which station is it?”
“I don’t know”

“How are the others?”
Toru nim tapped me.. So, Okay, I better stop here.
“I’m going to visit the hospital.”
Toru said, “I should have gotten hurt.”
The others said too, “I should have gotten hurt.”
Joonie said, “I should have gotten hurt.”
We all shout, “No!!”
President Bae should have gotten hurt.
We all laughed.

And then, silence..
Ah, Choi Ji Woo showed up too.
Both of them spoke to each other’s ear.
Joonie said, “They said that I came alone.”, and then, Choi Ji Woo tapped on him.
Both of them were in black like a couple look and they made a good picture.
In my own opinion, they make a good couple.

Silence for a while.
Why aren’t they asking questions or are they so distracted by his face?
Ah.. TodakTodak nim said,

“We thought that this might be the last event for us.”
“No.”.. smile..It won’t.”

Up to here, I quenched your curiosity.
I regretted the way back all along.
I forgot to tell him what I really wanted to tell him.

Thank you for lunch, Yong Joon ssi.
Do you want to say something else to the Korean fans?

I really don’t know how I could live with today’s memory.
Emptiness and excitement are mixed a bit.
I really wish that my actions remain as an exciting memory in the future and
I hope our actor will be happy all the time.

Please try to understand my ramblings; I just want to share my feelings with you.
Are we going to have another event like this one?

[VOD] News regarding the WLS Anime filming site incident

source: NHK

source: flare

source: sbs

source: yonhap news


source: From by komomo

[Trans] Notice from KOB

source: suehan's blog

We’d like to inform you, Families.

Hello, Families;

We believe that you, Families, are concerned about the news related to the Animation Winter Sonata filming in live action this afternoon. First, we deeply apologize for concerning you. We’d like to explain the situation since there are many questions from Families who are concerned and worried about it.

As you already might know, there was the filming in live action of the last scene of the Animation Winter Sonata at a resort in Jeongdongjin, Gangneng today. As planned, the filming in live action was processed smoothly with the casts.

We stopped the filming in live action and Bae Yong Joon ssi was taking pictures with the fans who came to see the filming to commemorate the event. While taking pictures, suddenly, a strong wind blew and even we couldn’t control our balance. So, we stopped taking pictures with the fans and moved to the inside of the resort. However, a strong wind moved the rostrum which was set up to take pictures and post was set up to guide the filming, and, unfortunately, Families got injured while we’re moving inside.

Luckily, the patients received the treatment promptly because ambulance and other cars, which were waiting at the site, could transport them to the hospitals in Gangneung fast.

After that, Bae Yong Joon ssi visited all the hospitals in Gangneung where Families who were visiting the filming site and other patients were hospitalized, deeply apologized them, and wished their speedy recovery..

From now on, Keyeast will take care of all related matters and do our best, so all of them recover completely. We promise to take care of the follow up arrangements for you, so do not worry about it.

Not only for us, but there are big and small damages in Gangwondo due to today’s strong wind. We truthfully hope that there aren’t big damages.

From now on, we’ll work harder to send you good messages.
Again, we deeply apologize to you, Families, for your concern.


Friday, March 12, 2010

[News / Update] WLS Anime Last Episode Filming - Some Japanese Family injured

source: naver

source: sj56602

これから 私たちはソウルへ帰ります。 
ヨンジュン氏は 病院に行くそうです。

BYJ & CJW apologize to the family
We'll return to Seoul now
YJ seems to be heading to the hospital


'겨울연가' 촬영장 방문한 일본 관광객들
| 기사입력 2010-03-12 15:31

(강릉=연합뉴스) 현재 일본 TV에서 방영 중인 애니메이션 '겨울연가'의 마지막회 마지막 장면에 한류스타 배용준과 최지우가 직접 출연하는 장면을 12일 강원 강릉시 강동면 썬크루즈리조트에서 촬영, 화제다.

애니메이션 '겨울연가'는 아시아 및 전 세계에 한류 붐을 일으킨 TV드라마 '겨울연가'의 스토리를 재구성해 애니메이션으로 제작하는 작품으로, 배용준과 최지우는 극중 주인공 준상과 유진의 목소리 연기를 맡고 있다. 배용준이 촬영현장을 방문한 1천700여명의 일본 팬들을 위해 손을 흔들어 주고 있다. 2010.3.12 <<강릉시>>

<뉴스의 새 시대, 연합뉴스 Live> <아이폰 애플리케이션 출시> <포토 매거진>

<저작권자(c)연합뉴스. 무단전재-재배포금지.>

source: byjfamily by Wenny

At the filming site of the WLS Anime Final Episode (starring BYJ & CJW)

Because of the strong wind
an accident happened with more than 20 Japanese tourists injured
at ard 3:10pm 12th

Inside the park of the resort,
BYJ personally starred in the Final Episode of the WLS Anime
The Japanese visitors were injured due to the collapse of the filming settings blown by the strong wind, they are sent to the nearby hospital

But, YJ and CJW are confirmed not injured

majority of the injured tourists have minor bruises on head, hands and legs
no life threatening injuries

And the filming site for the WLS Anime was also affected by the strong wind

The police is investigating for the reason of this incident.
There is 1,700 Japanese visitors came to the site to watch BYJ filming for the last episode of WLS Anime.

[Update] Live Updates from WLS Anime filming location

source: JOB
日文簡譯:Wenny From 愛俊之家 byjfamily
Chinese to Eng: xiaoyi



The photo taken together with June Seong & Yu Jin
should be a treasure that to be cherished by everyone
the photographing session for the family has ended.
The photographing session was taken in the green field with chairs lining up,
YJ wore his tuxedo and took the photos with his family
(JW's fans were in groups of 88 people)

YJ sat in his car and the car went one round of the garden/park, he didn't open the window, but can see that he's waving, stop, going to Lotte World

source: yuri's blog
Briefly translated by xiaoyi
2010/3 /12(金) 午後 2:09

撮影後半は見ていないので何時に終了したかはわかりませんが今、私達は屋外でヨン様が来るのを待ち続けています。グループごとに家族写真を撮るそうです。 私のグループは90人足らず。抽選で私の真ん中あたりです。

Not sure what time will the latter half part of the filming is going to finish, but, now, we continue waiting for YJ to come out. Seems that each group will take a family photo with YJ. My group is less than 90 people. I was selected at the center area (using ballot).

source: byjgallery by miemi
translated by SNOW & Wenny of byjfamily


Filming has completed, they are currently waiting in the bus.

Groups of 10 are viewing the filming from each hotel room
After finished watching the filming
Groups of 100 will have a group photo with YJ

source: yuri's blog

Japanese to Chi by SNOW (byjfamily)
Chinese to English by xiaoyi

2010/3 /12(金) 午前 11:33

ホテルの中からホテルの外で撮影している様子を順番に見ます。私は早い時間だったので撮影前に私達に手を何度も振ってくれました。最初はジウさんと別々に リハーサルしていましたが先ほどはお二人ご一緒。これからバスで待機です。そしていよいよ…


We actually need to queue up and take turns to watch the outdoors fiming.
YJ waved to us many time before the schedule starts
Just now, YJ is filming separately with JW
Now, filming together with JW
Now, we are back to the bus to wait
Should be starting the actual filming

2010/3 /12(金) 午前 11:19


Oops...sorry, made some mistakes.... didn't manage to double check ...

The filming of the wedding ceremony is at the outdoors. The hotel guests (travelers) came to visit. It seems to be still a rehearsal. The extra comes, too, and it seems the actual filming is going to start. YJ still taking JW's hand. Our lunch schedule had been changed. I'll wait again after this.

2010/3/12(金) 午前 10:08

The filming rehearsal of the wedding ceremony began at the outdoors. Ji Woo's wonderful wedding dress is white.

2010/3/12(金) 午前 9:55
Before Filming Rehearsal


YJ is in black tuxedo and white shirt, a black bow tie and his hair is light brown. With glasses. Wonderful.

[Trans] Attending the Animation WS filming in live-action. (3/12/2010)

source: fuyuka's blog

source: suehan & yuri's blog

8:37 am.
We arrived at Jeongdongjin (? suehan).
We’re still waiting in the bus.

Original in Japanese: yuri (
Translated into English: suehan

6:45 am.
Having a break for restroom usage and breakfast after 2 hours since the departure
We’re leaving again when the break is done.

4:26 am
Good morning.
I only slept about 2 hours. We’re starting of the day. What kind of day will it be?

[Trans] Attending the Animation Winter Sonata filming in live-action.

source: suehan's and yuri's blog

I reposted and translated Yuri nim’s posting from her blog regarding the arrival to attend the animation Winter Sonata filming in live-action which will be held March 12, 2010 Korea time. I used the translation website to translate her Japanese posting to Korean, and then I translated it into English. I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes, but if I did so, please let know.

Original in Japanese: yuri nim(
Translated into English: suehan

Gimpo Airport
Tomorrow’s filming will proceed as you already expected. Yon nim is..

It’s a very tough itinerary.
Gathering time for tomorrow is 4:20 am. I can’t help but to sleep in the bus!

Came to Anarldo Bassini.
Catalogues were sold out yesterday. I got the poster, however, it might be gone soon as well..

Arrived at the hotel.
We’re going to have dinner at Gorilla. We’re leaving now. It said that there are a total of 1,500 fans and 51 buses.

Returned to the hotel.
The items I got today. All the participants received the music box which is in the top right corner and it could be used in the bus. In AB, the latest catalogues were gone, so we received the fall and winter ones and the five latest posters. We have to get up at 3:20 am and gather at 4:20 am. It said that the departure time of each hotel is different.

[News]BYJ and PJY’s collaboration drama, ‘Dream High’, will begin filming in the later part of this year. “Who will be the leading role?"

source: suehan's blog

2010-03-11 10:45

[Sports Chosun ― Reporter Lee In Gyeong] ‘Dream High’, Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young’s collaboration drama, will begin filming full scale in the later part of this year, and the leading role draws attention. A related officer said, “A draft of the synopsis and script came out. Dynamic stories, which are different than the existing school dramas, are included. We expect good results. We are speeding up the preparation work to start filming in the later part of this year, and we’re discussing the casting of the leading roles.”

‘Dream High’ is the first drama that Keyeast, BYJ’s management company, and JYP Entertainment, JYP’s enterprise, collaborated on. It’ll be the school drama which describes the friendship and hardships of talented art school students. They made the co-production contract to produce the drama in January of last year to broadcast it in the first part of this year, but it was a bit delayed.

Recently, the synopsis came out and the discussion about the leading roles sped up because the synopsis allowed us to visualize the film in the later part of this year. As expected, the many entertainers from Keyeast and JYP’s company came forward in this drama.

In Keyast, there are many new faces including ‘Little Ko Soo’ Kim Soo Hyun, Na Hye Mi of ‘High Kick without hitch’, and Yoo Seol Ah. In JYP Entertainment, there are many idol stars including 2PM, Wonder Girls, and 2AM. Especially, If Soolong of 2AM and Taek Yeon of 2PM receive good acting evaluation in 'Individual’s taste’ and ‘Cinderella Sister.’ as a side work, their participation in the drama will be more likely. However, some fans don’t support JYP’s advancement to the acting field because of JaeBom’s release from 2PM. Someone from JYP's company said, “Casting(? suehan) relating the drama hasn’t been decided yet.”


[Info] Green Globe Film Awards - Pls voted for BYJ

reposted from KOB, original post by gaulsan

61969Shall we vote for YJ? - Green Globe Film Awards [4]가을산21:56:5218
YJ nominated as the International Entertainer(Asia) and Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year at Green Globe Film Awards.

What is important here is that the winner is selected by VOTE.
So let's vote for YJ. =)

How to vote:
1. go to
2. Click 'vote for a movie' menu at the left side.
3. Scroll down patiently to the bottom.
4. Find the questions that has YJ's Name on the list, which is:
- Best International Entertainer (Asia) and
- Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year

5. Find the questions that we still can vote for YJ, such as:
- Best International Actor(Asia),
- Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Decade, and
- 10 Best International Actors of the Decade (Asia).
--> click 'others' and write 'Bae Yong Joon'.

6. select your country, age, and email address.

Then vote.

1. Once you submit your vote, you cannot see the questions again. Be sure you filled all the votes that you are interested in.
2. The vote ends on March 15th.

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[VOD] Winter Sonata KBS original version DVD-box (updated vod)

original source: tomato

source: sony pictures

source: bofi and sony pictures

finally, Japanese fans will be able to watch Drama Winter Sonata in original version!!
166 minutes of scenes cut from Japanese edited version will be added.
original music.
Japanese and Korean subtitles.
Japanese dubbed version newly recorded with original Japanese version actors.

sales date: 26 March 2010
price: jpy 33,300 (tax incl.)

post cards which will be included in first issues.

ordering form which i picked up at TOHO Cinema.

another DVD related Winter Sonata...

source: Kinokuniya forest and amazon

Winter Sonata, last episode
whole record of 100days which brought us miracle

5 discs / 600 minutes
sales date: 9 April 2010
price: jpy 15,540,(tax incl.)

[Trans] Ryu Seung Soo talks about BYJ in his book. (1)

source: reposted from suehan's blog

BYJ’s friend, an actor Ryu Seung Soo published a book, ‘Don’t be an actor like me’ last year. He shared some of his experiences as an actor and talked about BYJ in his book. Gaulsan nim shared it in byjintoronto and I translated it to share with you. According to Gaulsan nim, she added the explanation in the bracket, [], for us to understand the context better. Please enjoy.

Original in Korean: Ryu Seung Soo
Extracted by: Gaulsan/byjintoronto
Translated into English: suehan

Story about ‘Winter Sonata’

I met Park Sol Mi after such a long time [Since ‘Winter Sonata’ ended]. She threw a bomb on me while we were enjoying the conversation of our daily lives and the times of the filming of Winter Sonata.

“I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t mention it to you at that time, but your acting was so bad when we were practicing the script.
"..... "

What a lukewarm feeling it is, right at the moment when I heard the truth which I didn’t need to hear it! She seemed sorry for saying that, so she comforted me by saying, “But, your acting is good now.” Was I that bad!!!


It was press conference day. It was held at a small hotel in Nami Isalnd the place would be filled with Joon Sang (Bae Yong Joon) and Yu Jin’s memories. I saw my name on the seat where the main casts’ were. I was proud of it, but I felt awkward and it was a burden for me at the same time.

Many reporters and staff were sitting in front of me. Questions from reporters were flooded in and time was passing little by little. During that time, I’ve been just sitting on my seat without a word. I was sitting in front of the reporters, but no one
questioned me. I was only occupying the seat, and it looked like I was becoming a still life.

Someone, who might concerned about me just sitting without saying a word, questioned me when I was thinking this and that and about to ‘’draw the picture on the table’. I was so happy, and even before I thought of the question, I said, “Thank you for questioning me.’. Press conference ended just like that.


[Ryu Seung Soo received the scripts which had rather substantial emotional scenes in the later part of the drama. He prepared earnestly, and went into the filming with lots of expectation..]

Director saw me at the filming site and didn’t say a word. His facial expression looked like he had confidence in me. It was the scene were I was drunk and hurling Joon Sang with tears.

I had a drink first, and started my lines.. Oh my god, what’s going on here!
I supposed to act with lines in emotions from the frustration with tears in my eyes, but suddenly all the emotions disappeared, the disaster of the blankness arrived, and the sadness, why did it happened to me?, rushed in. I practiced so much.....

I was getting exhausted from the continuous shooting, and the director left the shooing site. It seemed like he couldn’t expect any more from me. He said, “Just edit whatever you want...” when he left. It was the worst comment for the actors to hear. I couldn’t lift my face in front of the actors/actresses staying with me.

Choi Ji Woo comforted me by saying, “Oppa, probably, tears in your eyes would be shown! Bae Yong Joon might be upset because he saw me, his friend, in a desperate situation and suggested another shooting to the director. I left the colleagues who were comforting me behind, and came back home with my head down, like escaping the shooting site. I didn’t say a word all the way to home and stayed at home for days with hopelessness.

I was spending the days like that, and encountered the senior, Park Sin Yang.

I was exchanging the conversation with him and confessed my dismal failure to him. Just like a confession in church. His answer was so simple. Enough to laugh..

“You practiced too much.”
What? What are you talking about? Of course, we need to practice. What is wrong with the countless practices?

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