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[Photo] AB New Photo

[PHOTO]ab New Photo

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[VOD] DATV Opening Ceremony - Reception Party

【VOD】DA TV 開局セレモニー~BYJ
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[News] KBS TV dramas to air in Central, South Americas

A number of Korean television dramas are set to air in several Central and South American countries, according to Korean public broadcaster KBS on Monday.

KBS Media, who sells the network's programs overseas, announced that they sold the popular TV series "Winter Sonata"(2002) and "Autumn in My Heart"(2000) to Hispanic distributor Latin Media at the "NATPE 2010" conference, held January 25 thru 27 in Las Vegas.

"NATPE 2010", which stands for the National Association of Television Program Executives, is an annual event attended by television industry officials from all around the world.

Many more Korean dramas -- including "Boys Over Flowers", "Full House" and "Mr. Goodbye" -- have broadcasting contract in pending, KBS said, after which they are set to air in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

The Korean broadcaster had been airing its dramas in Central and South American countries for free so far to expand its market and gain viewers. In 2006, "Winter Sonata" and "Autumn in My Heart" were broadcast in 11 countries in the region through a promotional alliance with Korea Foundation.

Hallyu dramas will be shown Arab countries as well. KBS Media is reportedly processing a deal with the region's satellite broadcaster Middle East Broadcasting Center to air the hit 2009 dramas "Boys Over Flowers" and "My Fair Lady".

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[Scan] 9.2 shukanjosei / joseijishin - 23.2.10 Issue

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[Photo] BYJ Mobile

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[trans] BYJ Mgr’s Blog (53) Annyong Hasaeyo, This is Yang.

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BYJ Manager’s Blog

Annyong Hasaeyo, This is Yang Geun Hwan.
8 February 2010
by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan
Japanese to English: tomato99

Annyong Hasaeyo,
Dear family, this is Yang Geun Hwan.

January is already gone and February has started. How did you spend your New Year's holidays?

New Year in Japan is 1 January, but in Korea, most family celebrate new year,seol-nal by lunar calendar.

People visit their relatives with family and get together. This is most meaningful and big turning point in a year.

It will be my first new year’s with my wife and my daughter, I also feel it very meaningful.

This year's lunar new year is 14th of February, the same day as the Valentine's day. Many people will be spending time with their family and their loved ones.

Bae Yong Joon has fully recovered his health. As he had promised with everyone, he is carefully considering his new project. We hope we could bring you a good work soon.

Yong Joon-san will probably spend this new year with his parents.

It is already passed risshun (first day of spring) but it is still very cold in Korea. Please fully enjoy the rest of romantic winter till the spring comes.

Please be careful of your health.
Thank you very much.

Yang Geun Hwan

[Vod] Visit Korea Year Special CF @JOB

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you can watch new CF at JOB

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