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[Capture / Info] GosirehGon new menu!! starting from 23 Jan.

source: tomato/ gosireh gon

Kimchi Jjijimi with pork jpy 580 (tax incl.)

Seafood and green onion Jjijimi jpy 580 (tax incl.)

Korean rice rolls, Kimpapjpy 580 (tax incl.)
limited period, 1- 3 February, 2010, special menu to celebrate Setsubun.
Setsubun is 3 Februay, according to lunar calendar, winter ends on this day and people attend in events to drive away evil spirit and bring in good fortunes.

[Info] DATV Korea-enta! news #17

source: tomato/ DATV

#17 lineup(first airing date: 23 January 2010)

7."Discovering the Beauty of Korea" making video≪"master of home cuisine" version≫
Editor of Nikkan Sports Mr. Kubo will join the program!

new section,"Discovering the Beauty of Korea" start from this week!

[News] Korea Tourism Organization / Korea Inspiring / Global

source: Media Asia
22-Jan-10, 11:39

A year after Cheil Worldwide scooped the creative and media business for Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), a global campaign is set to launch in mid-March under the theme ‘Korea inspiring’.

Cheil won the creative and media business last March 2009. Joe McDonagh, executive worldwide creative director at Cheil, explained that KTO's image has been fragmented under the tagline ‘Korea sparkling’. He added that one of the biggest challenges is to integrate the essence of the Korean culture and deliver them in a unified format.

McDonagh said: “The message before was disconnected. Print ads with individual messages. Some worked and some didn’t. We need to find a focus this time and connect with people in a deeper level.”

The global campaign involves three television commercials that have been adapted for each region: Asia, Japan, the US and Europe. Cheil has identified three distinct connections within the Korean culture. 'Qi' being the spiritual bond with nature; ‘Cheong’ as the heart-to-heart connection between people; and ‘Heong’ which refers to the collective energy and passion of the Korean philosophy.

“We have no significant landmark like the Eiffel Tower or Times Square. It is the people that make us stand out. That’s the magic that you never let go of,” McDonagh added.

The creative concept for the ad that airs in Asia is focused on music, fashion and energy. For Japan ithe focus is on hospitality and the elements in nature. It is also the only ad version that features Korean celebrity Bae Yong-joon, who played a key part in the ‘Korean wave’ that swept across Asia in 2002. The American version of the ad incorporates the rich culture of Korea and its landscapes.

The campaign will kick off with the TV ads and with print and online promotions running at a later stage.

Project Korea Inspiring
Client Korea Tourism Organization
Creative agency Cheil Worldwide
Executive worldwide creative director Joe McDonagh
Creative director Alex J Kwon
Art director JangHoon Park
Copywriter JoongSik Choi
Producers LeeSeok Kim, KyungHeon Kim
Account servicing JungKi Park, EunJin Yoon
Exposure Television

Friday, January 22, 2010

[Photo] Arnaldo Bassini Bus Panel Ad - BYJ

source: byjgallery (credit as labeled)

[Trans] Accounts of BYJ from Hanbok teacher Lee Hyo Jae

Accounts of BYJ from Hanbok teacher Lee Hyo Jae (LHJ)

original : koko3 blog
To Chinese : SNOW /
Repost by : 北___北 / (18-01-2010)
To English : cam /

Teacher Lee did not know Michael Jackson (MJ).
One day, while having a meal in the store, she saw the report on MJ’s passing. From then on, she said she started liking MJ.

Later she saw YJ, YJ revealed his sadness while mentioning the passing of MJ.
Followed by
YJ : MJ and Teacher Lee are the same age. Born on the same day (not sure if he is referring to his birthday or the teacher’s) (note: MJ ‘s birthday : August 29 1958)
LHJ: What’s wrong?
YJ: Nothing, just a tongue in cheek comment.

Later, teacher Lee realized perhaps what YJ meant was that whenever MJ comes to mind, so should YJ as well.

One day they were making Kimchi
Teacher Lee wrote on the blackboard the word Kimchi

At that moment, YJ wrote at the side :
Master Lee Hyo Jae, Disciple Bae Yong Joon.
From then on teacher Lee started addressing BYJ as “disciple”.

Looking at YJ’s philosophy through the book of Beauty of Korea

Original : SNOW /
Repost by : 北___北 / (18-01-2010)
To English : cam /

I have finally finished reading the Beauty of Korea which I bought last September. BYJ’s thinking is quite philosophical. One can see that he also wishes to do many things. There are a few interesting areas I was quite drawn to.

Here “I” refers to BYJ

Making Ceramics

The ceramics teacher said among 800 items, generally there are only 50 items that can be classified as satisfactory.

The teacher asked me to select one out of the 48 glazed fired crane ceramics from the kiln, as a gift for myself. At the same time testing my eyesight.

I carefully checked one after another. I narrowed it down to 6 items. Eventually I had chosen 2 items, then I picked my favorite one. I pla-ced the ceramic in front of the teacher with two shivering hands.

The teacher said “ This ceramic is really second to none”. After hearing this, I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Kyong Ju
After seeing the ancient capital Kyongju, while I was lost in my thoughts, a colleague who likes to snack wanted to try the traditional Kyongju steam bun. He was pestering me saying that “there is no other branch elsewhere in the country, this is the only pla-ce that sells them”. So we then went into the shop and watched the entire process.

The newly made Kyongju steam bun is just delicious. The filling inside made us very happy while eating it. A group of people were saying how this is the first time for them to taste these steamed buns, but at the same time they were wrapping the sample buns (from the counter)which were for the visitors to try out with serviettes into their pocket. Originally I was going to stop their indiscretions, but after seeing their smiling faces, I dispelled the thought. Afterwards I bought a box of steamed buns in order to express my apologies to the owner.

[VOD] WLS Anime ep 11

source: youku

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[Info] Bofi - Tokyo Dome Events DVDs (Full Version)

source: tomato / bofi

2 dvd boxes at jpy 11,970
each dvd box cost jpy 5,985 (tax incl.)

sales start date: 26 March 2010

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[VOD / Captures] 2010 PR film of the Korean Tour Organization for the Japanese

2010 PR film of the Korean Tour Organization for the Japanese

VOD: boonseongbae/byjintoronto
Japanese to Korean: Mogwa/byjintoronto
Korean to English: suehan

The country that is succeeding in giving its heart out to passerbys is Korea.
As water is handed over, a leaf off a wipping willow is taken off and thrown into the water.
This small act is done so that the drinker takes more care in drinking the water, keeping
him from choking and drinking it all too quickly.
These small acts of kindness can always be found as they slowly become forgotten.

2010 PR film of the Korean Tour Organization for the Japanese


*suehan: it will start after 15 seconds of advertisement.

Monday, January 18, 2010

[VOD / Captures] The Making of "The Beauty of Korea - Enta News 16.1.2010

source: houren / flare's blog

[News Trans] This year’s whereabouts of the returning top stars - BYJ related

source: Quilt by suehan

This year’s whereabouts of the returning top stars.


BYJ has been silent for about 2 years since the drama, TWSSG in 2007. He stopped all activities as an actor even though he did his own work, like writing a photo & travel essay, “Journey to discover the beauty of Korea,’.

He will break out of the long silence and challenge new work this year. Initially, he was known to be appearing in the drama, “Drops of God”, but the regulation of indirect advertisement was too challenging and its production was postponed. The first preference for Bae Yong Joon is the drama. He will plan to choose one from the dramas that his management bought the copyrights for, and also from the ones which have been asked to be a part of.

An officer of BOF, his management company, said, “He will return this year and will choose his next work in the near future.” “Dream High”, which Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young is supposed to produce together, will be starting its production in the early part of this year. They’re seriously considering the appearance of one of the members of Wonder Girls and Bae Yong Joon.

Reporter, Chon Hyun Pa
STARNEWS/Chonsunilbo Japanese edition.


*suehan: I used the translation website to translate this article from Japanese to Korean. I hope there aren’t many mistakes, but please let me know if there are.

[Info] DATV Korea-enta! news (#16)

source: tomato / DATV

DATV original Korean entertainment information and news 60 minutes program
airing schedule: Saturday 12:30
repeat airing schedule: Tuesday 23:00, Thursday 18:00 etc.

#16 lineup
(first airing date: 16 January 2010)
11. BYJ "Discovering the Beauty of Korea" making video digest

[Reposted pictures & trans] Hallyu Star, Bae Yong Joon nim, visited our restaurant, Jebana.

source: Quilt by suehan

Hi, everyone:

Here is the posting of the restaurant that BYJ apparently visited
while he stayed in Jeju for the Analdo Bassini CF filming.


Hallyu Star, Bae Yong Joon nim, visited our restaurant, Jebana.

I asked him to sign on the china that has been prepared for celebrities,
but he signed on his picture--which he had brought with his own pen--to
prevent some stores from using his pictures for their own purposes
without permission.

I’m still happy even though he didn’t autograph on the china.

Thank you for visiting our restaurant.

We’ll serve customers with the honesty of Jeju