Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Trans] Some updates on BYJ

A post from Seoul

To Chinese: 爱俊一梅 / (2010-1-16 00:53 )
To English: cam /

Gone to Seoul where it is bitterly cold. Around 4:40pm on the 12th of Jan, YJ drove to the dermatology clinic (一梅: it did not mention who drove, according to the article it should be YJ who drove himself to the pl-ace, no mention of the bodyguard or the manager. Pretty daring).

He walked past fans who were neatly standing and forming a passage leading to the entrance. They were well mannered and not even one step was moved towards YJ.

YJ came out around 6:15pm, a fan wrote on a piece of paper [we won’t move, only request a hand shake] trying to show to YJ. YJ then took off his glove on the right hand, and shook hands one by one while looking into each of their eyes. Wow,~~lucky. His warmth touched the core of everyone’s heart. All the fans were politely and quietly standing motionless, experiencing once more our courteous YJ’s true colours.

Jang Dong Gun or Bae Yong Joon to play a special armed forces sniper is now being discussed

Original :
To Chinese : 爱俊一梅 / (2010-1-15 23:37 )
To English: cam /

A film by KT about anti-terrorism which sets the store by Cheong Wa Dae (Presidential office) is currently being planned and has accepted to partake in the co-production. It is considering issues regarding who will be involved and investment / production costs.

The production firm ORADE is planning to base the movie on a true story about Kim Sun II, who was murdered by an Arab terror organisation. The movie Baghdad plan will be a heroic story about a South Korean secret agent who was fighting terrorism (to be screened in December 2010). A 10 billion won scale investment is being considered.

It has already been decided that Choi Min Sik will be the Director of National Intelligence. For the sniper or special agent, whether it is Jang Dong Gun or Bae Yong Joon , the discussion continues.

The material of this film is similar to the TV drama< Iris> focusing on anti-terrorism. The leading roles will be played by top actors. The production will also be supported by the government, with affirmative action. However there are some worries, for example, the failure of the movie sets a bad precedent for such movies, due to the anti sentiment during the previous political regime.

[Info] bits of information from Gosireh

source: tomato / Gosireh

Gosireh hwa, Kinshicho branch to open on 6 April.
address; 4-6-1 Kinshi, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo
4th floor, Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho
business hours; 11:00 - 24:00
reservation; detail information to be updated on HP.

Master beauty and health with Korean foods part.1
special menu produced by BYJ and Gosireh.
we would like to introduce renewed, Gosireh-san(高矢禮床).
Also, we invite you to enjoy this gorgeous Korean meal together with scenes which shows BYJ tasting out Gosireh-san(高矢禮床).

period: friday, 22 January 2010 - sunday, 28 February
lunch Yakuson-san (薬膳床) jpy 5,775(tax incl.)
based on dishes introduced in HaNaYo(Beauty of Korea), taste the heart of Korea.

dinner Gosireh-san (高矢禮床) jpy 10,500 (tax incl.)
heartful dishes with fresh ingredients, taste the greatest entertainment.

2010 Gosireh cooking class

Friday, January 15, 2010

[Photo] BYJ Mobile

source: houren

[Info] BOFi - Animation"WS" notebooks (limited production)

source: bofi

price: jpy 1,365 (tax incl.)

A5 size (148mm×210mm )
3 notebooks in a set
original designs for inside pages to provide images of Winter Sonata.

order start: friday 8 Januray 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

[More photos] BYJ at Gim Nyung on Jan 8, 2010

source: / byjgallery

[Photo / Capture] Visit Korea Year 2010 - 2012 - BYJ related

source: /

Ad Panel at the subway station

Monday, January 11, 2010

[Trans]9th Jan Fan’s account of seeing BYJ at Gimpo airport

Orignial : Kob 61086 (10th Jan 2010 13:00:51)
To Chinese : 爱俊一梅/
To English : cam /

9th Jan Fan’s account of seeing BYJ at Gimpo airport

(Note from 爱俊一梅: I didn’t translate the fairly length section before this as it was mainly about a fan gathering at GIK on the 9th of Jan. I have only translated their airport encounter after the gathering).

I didn’t know that YJ is returning from Jeju today as I did not come to KOB this morning. Some mentioned that perhaps YJ is coming back today. Since we had the gathering, we may as well try to greet him at the airport. We departed for Gimpo having prepared ourselves that it should be fine if we don’t see him, as long as we are happy.

We chatted and waited for around 2 hours. Ah…the staff of the saviour like YJ appeared. Our lucky charm has just landed in the New Year. To our surprise this is the way to meet YJ. There were many Japanese fans waiting, no sure how they found it out. I gathered together with them around the entrance to the arrival lounge. First we saw manager Shin, at the same time my eyes moved to behind him. I can confirm that YJ looks just as the gentleman who saw YJ at the dermatology clinic on the 6th of Jan stated. YJ’s renowned slim build body came out. Wow.!! OMG. Hehehe.

Before seeing YJ in the flesh, I had this image in my head… re his clothing and his hairstyle. But all these were a real waste. From the moment I discovered as he walked by me that there is only one image in my head. What I had felt previously….

Him wearing a smile on his small handsome face like a face of a youth. His steps with a stride, waving at us with a smile on his fair face. As he gets closer, it is more and more obvious that one could feel his energy, his demeanour, like a tornado. When he heard us call out “YJ”, he answered by turning his head to the voices with a smile. There was this damn hat and the sunglasses that covered half of his face. Then there was the vehicle where the door shut so quickly as soon as YJ stepped in. There was the number plate of that departing vehicle.

I definitely saw him, but it feels like I did not see him at all. What was left behind was a feeling of prostration, but quite remarkable just like after seeing the beautiful rainbow. What was left behind was manager Shin and his staff tidying up the luggage. Even this scene did not escape from one fan’s camera. We exchanged the feeling of that astringent taste as our footsteps moved towards the elevator to the bus stop.

Oh, healthy glowing complexion, firm steps, full of purposeful movements, he still looks as handsome as when I saw him in Kyongju.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

[More photos & trans] BYJ at Gim Nyung on Jan 8, 2010

source: Quilt by suehan

BYJ at Gim Nyung in Jeju on Jan 8, 2010

A story about BYJ’s visit of the Gim Nyung Yacht Tour

1st pic: Japanese fans who were waiting early.
2nd pic: They were following directions well in spite of the cold weather.
3rd pic: The car byj was in arrived.
4th pic: It is a picture of the filming on the yacht.
The picture is blurry because of the complete restriction of shooting.
5th pic: He was leaving the dock after the shooting.
6th pic: It was a cold and windy day.


(Please click the above link if you want to see bigger pictures)

[Photos] BYJ portrait trophies

source: tomato
BYJ portrait trophies to be given away at DATV promotion campaign:

source: portrait trophy site

These portrait trophies has been selected as official goods for Animation "Winter Sonata."

These trophies are created at a local facility for mentally-disabled person in Hiroshima prefecture. It is a collaboration project to support disabled persons and economically develop the area.