Thursday, December 30, 2010

[Trans] The shooting will resume next week?

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[Please apply for “Dream High” part time job, everyone!!! I’m appearing in it, too.]

2010.12.30. 01:26

Dream High is looking for part time workers now!
Hopefully, many of you apply for it.
For your reference, I appear as an extra.
If you do so, then you might see me there.

For your information, I play the role of a student who is in the same class with Suzy. I just pretend to study, or walk in the hall way, and occasionally talk.
To get a part time job, you should be between the ages of 16 – 20, and if you are a male, your height should be at least 175cm tall. 

My job is dancing for Wonder Girls’ Nobody song.
So, you will be close to me.

The shooting will probably resume next month. We are off from today until next week, because Woo Young, Taek Yeon, IU, Eun Jung, and Suzy will be appearing in the year-end pop song program. I know everything of Nobody dance moves since I’m a Wonder Girl fan. If you get the job, then the choreography instructor will probably teach you, but I can also teach you one on one.

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