Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[News]Park Jin Young said, “Bae Yong Joon and I are indispensable to each other.”

source: suehan's blog
Star News 2010-12-22 10:46 

[Money Today Star News, Reporter Bae Sun Young] 

Singer and producer Park Jin Young revealed their close relationship with Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon.

He appeared in SBS’s “Good Morning” on the 22nd, and revealed his close relationship with Bae Yong Joon. They will appear in KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” which will air January of next year. 

Park Jin Young said, “Yong Joon is the same age as me. We have a different style, but that’s why we’re close.” He also said, “Yong Joon said that he was excited when he saw me, and I became calm when I saw him. Yong Joon comforted me when I was upset because he is a warm hearted person.”

Furthermore, he said, “I recently had a personal problem and I talked to Yong Joon about it. I recovered from it. At that time, Yong Joon was also depressed a bit due to his lack of energy. Eventually, we helped each other. We confirmed that we are indispensable to each other.”

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