Friday, December 03, 2010

[KOB Notice] We would like to inform you about the “Family Photo Project” schedule

source: suehan's blog

Hello, everyone. This is Keyeast.

It’s already winter.
I hope you end the last month of 2010 well and have a happy new year. We appreciate those of you who sent applications and your interests in the “Family Photo Project”.

We would like to inform you about the “Family Photo Project” schedule which you have been waiting for. In the beginning, we planned to take photos in December, but we would like to continue it to early next year. Because we want more Families to participate in this project and we would also like to consider the Families’ precious opinions. We also have requests from Families who want us to continue it after December since it was an unexpected project.

Inevitably, this project will be preceded early next year due to the busy schedule in this year’s end and New Year. We’re sorry that you have to wait a little longer and ask for your understanding.

Currently, Bae Yong Joon is dealing with the busy schedule of the “Dream High” filming and preparation for the “Smile Project” We will work harder so you can have a happy and pleasant meeting since you have to wait longer. We believe that you and Bae Yong Joon will have a more meaningful New Year since you and him will start the new year with this project. 

We will send detailed information and schedule to you, the applicants only, via personal email.

Thank you.


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