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[Interview]“Yonsama is Hallyu, but Bae Yong Joon’s dream is Asaia-ryu.”

Sports Seoul 2010-12-19 14:50

source: suehan's blog
[, Reporter Suh Bo Hyun]

He went from being a newcomer to the "super-star" world to turning into Yonsama. Then turned into an icon right away. Meanwhile, he already had plenty of recognition as an actor and received enough applause as a star. He had almost accomplished everything. 

It has been sixteen years since he has debuted, but he was still the same when I recently met him in Japan. He had a gentle smile, a nice hand wave, gentle manners and was neatly dressed. He was the same as his character "Joon Sang" in the drama, "Winter Sonata."

He has been the same for the past 8 years. Looking at him, someone said that he is always same, or there is no change at all. Of course, Bae Yong Joon has known all of this. He felt thirsty in his present condition and even complained about his stress. 

Could that be the reason? He approached one step closer to the challenge. He started to produce dramas and do a charity work with other Asian stars. He looked worried a lot. But I couldn't really see any fear in him. Rather, it seems that he just follows the trend. I’m wondering about his present and future dreams.

◆Today, Almighty Entertainer.

He was an actor yesterday. Today, He is the owner of an entertainment company. He is also a writer, and called a drama producer. Like this, Bae Yong Joon’s position has been changing every day. It is even getting glamorous. Now it's hard to think outside of his old looks what we are more accustomed to seeing. I'm wondering whether or not he misses those days. 

“I don’t want to make something unwillingly. I just follow the passage of time. I worry about the change of my position. Frankly speaking, I was wandering for a short period of time. I felt emptiness at one point. I was blanking out for a little bit.”

Ironically, it was the work that made his wandering disappear. Since he started to produce the drama “Dream High”, he has stood up again. He was motivated while he was looking at his junior actors and started to feel the active energy of the filming location.

“I didn’t receive any professional education as an actor. I have been dreaming to make an art school to train entertainers. So, I started to work on ‘Dream High’. I felt good when I went to the location after a long time. It seemed that I returned to my days as a newcomer.”

◆Tomorrow, He is an Actor, Bae Yong Joon.

Again, Bae Yong Joon was an actor yesterday. Then, what is his future? He responded to this question without any hesitation. He mentioned “acting” right away. He said that he would like to act and also show his acting skills to other people.

“I’m an actor. I wrote a book, created a business, and I’m working for the production of the drama. But, above all things, I’m an actor. So, I would like to show off my acting a lot. I think even my fans are waiting for me to act.”

It has been a wish for the past 3 years. Since the drama “TWSSG”, there hasn't been any works for the future. We don’t know when we can see him acting. It looks like he doesn’t have any work coming to mind. What was his problem?

“Perfectionism? High standers? Neither one. There just wasn’t any work that I had connected with. I'm open to any genre; either a movie or a drama is fine with me. I don't insist on acting for any particular role. Would you want to see me acting as some who is broken, disorderly? That might be interest as well. I'm ready for anything.”

◆He dreams of Asia-ryu over Hallyu.

Another dream of Bae Yong Joon is the Asia-ryu which will be created through Hallyu. It is his dream to become an Asian star and communicate with the stars in each country. It is the beginning of another Hallyu, which the star of the first generation of Hallyu, Bae Yong Joon, is preparing. 

“I would like to call it Asia-ryu, not Hallyu. I think we can make it a bigger market if we consider Asia as one market. That was the reason why I applauded when I watched the drama “Fugitive Plan B.” One speaks English and the other speaks Japanese. But still they communicate with each other. That is the Asia-ryu which I have been dreaming of.” 

"Smile Project" was one of Asia-ryu he had organized with Japanese and Taiwanese stars. The stars in each country worked together to bring power to all Asian countries. And Bae Yong Joon is preparing for another Asia-yu, "Family Project." It a project where he meets fans from all over Asia in order to take photos with them.

“I would like to record all of the passing moments. I thought it would be a good idea if I have the fans’ photos. It was kind of sad not to have any pictures even though I call them family. I want to be more active while working for the family project. I plan to visit other countries, not just limit it to Japan.”

[Writing by reporter Suh Bo Hyun, pictures provided by Keyeast]

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