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[Fan Account] Kei-san's Yonsama Mail, Part 1/2

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original in japanese: KEI-san
translated into japanese: CLOUDNINE

BYJ Special Talk Show | Part 1/2
Yon-sama mail dated Dec. 15

First there was a video footage shot when BYJ visited Children’s Medical Center (Kanagawa Prefecture). Besides the scenes previously aired, there were some unreleased scenes. We saw several scenes in which he visited hospitalized children and their parents; one of them was of a baby who was born four months premature. Patting the baby gently, BYJ said to her mother, “This baby wanted to see her mother sooner….” I was really moved by this.

When asked about the premature babies, he said, “I was 4400 grams when I was born.” This caused the laughter from the audience. I guess BYJ family responded to the figure of 4400 and other fans responded to the large number. ( ̄▽ ̄)b

(*bb: this is so cute!! we bae-fans know how special the number 4 is… 4 is YON in japanese, and yea, YON-SAMA!! but aigoo, 4.4kg?!! that’s a huge baby!)

Right after the video was over, the stage was spotlighted and Yong Joon was there! My eyes had been glued to the screen so I had no idea when he came up to the stage. (cloud nine: he came up from the lower level)

Waving his hands, he answered to the audience’s calls of ‘Yong Joon’.

Question & Answer session followed…

*The following dialogues are not exactly the same as Yong Joon said because I wrote according to my memory. I would like to ask you to just feel the atmosphere.

First of all his greeting.

“Everyone of my family, Good evening. I greet you after a long time. I’m very happy to be in such a significant place with you. …I have wanted to see you…” A bit bashfully, he said“Pogossipo sumnida – I wanted to see you”, which was very cute.

The talk show was supposed to be done with emcee and BYJ sitting on chairs, however, when they were going to take chairs, fans in the block behind the stage shouted, “We can’t see …!” (laugh) Suddenly(!?) talk show was going to be done on the rotating stage.

Asked about the Hohoemi project, he said, “When children were born and if they have no chance to live in this world, it is very sad, I think. Because of the polluted air and bad environment, a lot of premature babies have been born. I think everyone is responsible for this. I would like to ask your sufficient interest and cooperation. I would like to protect precious lives that make our future. “

What made you to join the project?

“I have a keen interest in the earth’s environment and I hope this project will create an opportunity for Asian children to restore their smiles.”

What inspired you to start doing charity work?

“I was totally inspired by everyone of my family. As I always receive true love, so I wish to react to the love.“

The item which will be put up for auction is the brown coat that he wore in WLS. Besides, special wine will be given to those who set the high price. ”I gave this coat to my manager, but he has kept it in a good condition for the day when it is used for a good purpose.”

“This is my favorite brand of wine and I put the label of the book ‘Travel to Search for the Beauty of Korea’.”

Then he said to emcee Hide, “Can I offer one more?” and started to take off his necktie quickly.

As I had thought that the gesture of a man taking off his necktie was sexy, I was a bit excited with this petite live show of changing!?

This necktie was put up for auction.

Yong Joon also signed an autograph on the object (cloud nine: it’s a transparent globe every artist was asked to sign.) He wrote the Chinese character of ‘Love’ and signed his name below. When I saw the letter of Love I got slightly teary. (>_< )

Then he fixed his collar (cloud nine: he didn’t tidy up his collar after he took his tie off and I myself felt uneasy, but he didn’t seem to care. Finally the interpreter suggested him to fix it.) Watching this emcee, Hide misunderstood that Yong Joon would take off his jacket and said, “I thought you would put your suit up for auction. If you keep taking off your clothes it will be Yakyu ken game.” (cloud nine: Yakyu ken is a game played with two people. They do rock-scissors-paper and the loser has to take of one’s clothes.) (-_-;)

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