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[Fan Account] I saw BYJ at Haneda today - From tomato99

December 12, 2010
By tomato99 ♥LoveBaeYongJoon

tomato99: oh, i’m such a slow writer, the clock already turned midnight (in japan)…

I had a bit of late start and reached Haneda just before 9 this morning. When I went up to arrival lobby at 2nd floor of international terminal, most of the benches were already moved away, security was starting to create partitions for the fans.
I walked around the arrival floor and saw CEO Mr. Yang and staff from Keyeast and Digital Adventure. Of course there were so many police and security people too.

Fans were already asked to line up outside the international terminal. There were thousands of fans already lined up by the walkway. I also went out and joined them at the end.

Later fans were guided into the terminal building. And it turned out more than several hundreds of fans (including myself) were not able to go to the arrival lobby because the number of fans had gone over their capacity.

Person representing the security came up to the fans with a loudspeaker in his hand.
“We cannot allow you to go into the terminal.”
(big cry and grief from fans!!)
“Please listen to everything I have to say.
But, we have negotiated with the managing company, and they have agreed to stop by this way to greet everyone.”
(big cheers and applaud from everyone!!)

First three rows were instructed to sit down, and we were also asked not to tweet or mail to spread this info.
This was to prevent people from rushing out to the walkway.

CEO Yang and Keyeast staff came to the walkway from the terminal building. Fans were greeting to Mr. Yang.
Later CEO Shin also came out to the walkway and joined Mr. Yang and others.

The time has come!!
Black cars drove around the airport and stopped at the end of walkway.

Cars stop and the doors are open!
We finally realized then, that BYJ and KHJ are going to walk the way!!
I had only expected them to open the window of his car and drive away in front of us…what a great surprise!! fans were with all cheers when they came out from their cars.

Wow!! BYJ is walking so slowly and greeting and nodding to fans.
When he reached to his car at end of the walkway, even though he was guided to get on the car,
BYJ looked back and waved again to all the fans before getting on the car.
And also, after he seated himself in back seat of the car, we could still see that BYJ was waving to fans from darkened window.

The cars drove away and left Haneda.
I could really feel my heart pounding so hard,,,,, it was such an exciting moment.
I guess it was less than five minutes in all, but it was such a happy time.
I have greeted BYJ at airport before but this was most precious time I had with BYJ.

Thank you BYJ, all staff form Keyeast /DA and everyone involved.
Security people were so kind and helpful to fans.
I hope all of BYJ’s schedule goes out safe and sound as today.

See you again at Tokyo Dome on Tuesday!

I am not good with camera, and I never expected to get a chance to use my camera today….
here’s a shot of BYJ with a V-sign!! 

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