Thursday, November 25, 2010

[Trans]Yes! He is a very nice gentleman.

source: suehan's blog
suehan: I found this posting on, but I don’t know when she saw BYJ.


I saw Bae Yong Joon with his manager and coordinator before.
I saw him from a distance, and I noticed that he was taking very good care of his manager and coordinator. 

His coordinator had to wait over 10 minutes to have ice cream.
Bae Yong Joon and his manager waited for her outside.
He was wearing a suit and had to stay in the hot sun.

His coordinator made him wait over 10 minutes and left after she finished her ice cream.
And then, Bae Yong Joon asked me and my friend where the Cold Stone is located because his manager wanted to eat there.
We answered that it was about 20 minutes away in walking distance and he was going to head over there right away by saying, “It’s not far.”

But his manager said “It’s okay. It’s okay.” And they left to eat a meal.
What I realized at that time was that he treated his manager very nicely, his coordinator had whatever she wanted to eat and she also browsed around without being conscious of him.
(What kind of entertainer treats their coordinators that well? 
Especially, an entertainer of Bae Yong Joon’s statue.)

I don’t know his past, but from that incident, I think he is a gentleman.
We can say that looks can be deceiving, but he was like that.

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