Saturday, November 06, 2010

[Trans] Mobile Site Calendar 2011 Special Contents, “The staff released the filming sites report!!”

Translated into Korean: yume3 (byjfan)
Translated into English: suehan

☆ The filming sites report in Hawaii ☆

I finally arrived!
My heart is filled with expectation and tension.
I lay down on the bed after the final check-ups for the filming until late at night.
As expected, I didn’t sleep well.
Because I kept reminding myself that I should wake up early tomorrow. (I’m sleepy now..)

From early in the morning, I made all the staffs prepare for the filming because the early morning is a good time for filming, so we could start the filming at 8.40 am.
Everyone looks happy even though they’re tired. It might be because of the fresh air in Hawaii.
Hawaii is great even if we came here for work!!!

We started the filming with the concept that he strolled downtown leisurely in a casual suit. 
The filming progressed smoothly at various places in Hawaii.
Tiredness from yesterday’s lack of sleep due to worries has disappeared.
The filming continued pleasantly all the way. (I’m relieved for now♪)

The shooting at the pool side, which is the last concept, has approached quickly.
He is so innocent and we could shoot his mischievous looks at the pool side. (Please refer to the calendar!)
All staff got wet, but we could finish the filming without any troubles (?).
The fresh breeze in the afternoon blew away our tiredness and the hot weather.

But the tension was loosed only for a moment.
I hope the pictures come out well. 

Right after the filming, I started to get concerned about the next work.
I’d better pack first and then think of it.
No, I should fully enjoy Hawaii.

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