Saturday, November 13, 2010

[Trans] Do you really love your family, Yong Joon ssi?

source: suehan's blog
Original in Japanese: tt (JOB)
Translated into English: suehan

I am writing this today even though many fans might scold me.
I don’t think only honeyed words are supposed to be posted here, the official board.
He also said this before, “Please post controversial opinions too.”
I hope he knows that some fans have the similar opinions. 

Anyone who works has responsibilities and duties.
If the actor can’t work now, then he should tell us about what(suehan: potential work) you are considering now.
Not everything, but at least some.
If you think the fans are selfish, then it’s unreasonable.
Many families are just waiting patiently.
I think answering to them is the actor’s responsibility and duty 

It’s so sad to see that many warm-hearted fans are waiting for comments and information of potential new work as a main cast.
There are waiting quietly because “they don’t want to put you in a difficult position”.

If you are not aware or ignore it, then your way of life explains that you don’t love your families.

It isn’t charity when you do the work for your image (suehan; I’m not sure on this part).
Some fan stated, “If you want to make poor children happy do so but also make your poor families a little happy.”
It stuck in my mind.

You talked about your lovely dog at “Tezko’s Room” by saying this, “I have to give him continuous love.”

I don’t think that the demands of the fans are unreasonable.
If you can’t work as an actor, it’s okay with us.
I hope you make effort to convey a little your thoughts to us.

I hope Yong Joon ssi and his staff consider this seriously, whether he is doing right and loves his families.

Someone might think that the postings might hurt him and shouldn’t be posted here because it is his official board.
But, I desperately present my opinion because I really like him and he is the wooden support of my living.

I think this official board is unnecessary if we’re afraid of attacks when we present our opinions freely.

I’m sorry for this long posting. I am writing this because I trust him. Please understand me.

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