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[News]Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon introduces the city of Pohang in the documentary.

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2010-11-04 15:52 

【Pohang = Newsis】Reporter Kang Jin Koo = On the 4th, the city of Pohang, in Gyeongbuk stated that Pong was included in the Bae Yong Joon’s travel essay, “The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea (JBK below)”, and which will be reintroduced in the documentary.

“JBK” is the guide book of the Korean culture which was written after visiting and experiencing Kimchee, Korean traditional dress, Korean traditional house, pottery, temple stay, Hwangryongsaji, and Mireuksaji. It was published in Korea and Japan at the same time last September. More than 160,000 copies were sold and it continues to be a steady seller.

KTO, Bae Yong Joon’s agency, Keyeast and 6 local governments including Seoul, Gangwon, and Gyeongbuk are collaborating to produce this documentary of “JBK”. 

It’ll show with vivid images the beautiful and famous places of Korea.

The documentary will be produced in 8 episodes and aired on MBC Life and DATV in Japan. They plan to sell it to approximately 30 countries including USA, Japan, Europe and Asia.

From the 1st to the 10th of November, the production team will be filming the night view of Posco, Gwamegi in Guryongpo, streets in Japanese town, Jukdo Market, Sunrise of the Cape Homi, and Byulshin Shaman Dance Ritual of the Eastern Coast.

The city expects that this documentary will largely contribute to attract Japanese tourists and publicize the famous places of Pohang when it airs.

The producer Ji Hyun Ho, who visited Pohang for the shooting of the documentary, said, “Pohang is a vivid city which has plenty of sightseeing including the beautiful ocean, Streamlet Street, and Jukdo Market. People from all over the world including Japan will be attracted by the beauty of Pohang when the film airs.”


Byulshin Shaman Dance Ritual of the Eastern Coast


exhibition center in Japanese town

Jukdo Market

the night view of Posco

Sunrise of the Cape Homi

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