Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[KOB] Better Environment Campaign II with Keyeast artists’ (2011 Eco Calendar)

November 16, 2010
By tomato99 ♥LoveBaeYongJoon
source: KOB Notice

Greetings everyone,
This is Keyeast.

We hereby announce that followed by <2011 Eco calendar> desk calendar, Keyeast artists have once again gathered to launch a smart phone application with loving hearts of the environment.
The application provides not only clips and images of your favorite artists but also diary functions to manage your schedule easily. In addition, there are many interesting games including star puzzle game and Eco Tree Raising game.

The application is linked to Twitter and other online platforms, so to share more environment action ideas and fulfill measures to a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

With all the profit made from Eco Desk Calendar and the application will all be donated to UNEP Korea Committee’s ‘Global Environment Program’(GEP).

The Eco Calendar application can be downloaded from IPhone Appstore (, both in Korean and English.

We hope that Keyeast’s 2011 Eco Calendar can make you be closer to the interest about the environment and a greener and cleaner earth.

Sincerely Yours

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