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[Exclusive News]The words, many billions, slip out automatically after seeing Bae Yong Joon’s new house in Seongbuk-dong.

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2010-11-17 16:36

Yonsama, Bae Yong Joon will move into a house in Seongbuk-dong from the villa in Samseong-dong, Seoul where he currently resides. Bae Yong Joon bought his first house which is located at the end of an expensive residential area well-known as the rich village in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul. It gives a quiet and cozy impression. When Sports Chosun visited his new house, construction was in full swing for the new owner who plans to move in early next year.

▶It was a much bigger house compared to those in the neighborhood.

His new house in Seongbuk-dong is located in a secluded area, where the residences of foreign embassies are gathered, among the residential area. It faces the residence of the Japan embassy, which is inseparable with Bae Yong Joon, and is also close to the residence of the Iraq embassy..

This two-story house, which is characterized by white walls, is bigger than the houses nearby even at a glance. With the exception of the white walls, the entire inside has been torn down and the construction for the “entire remodeling” was underway. According to the residents nearby, the land size of his new house is about 760㎡, and it’s worth about five billion won.

The neighbors are even fancy because the area is well-known as the rich village in Korea. Hyun Jung Eun’s house, the chairman of Hyundae and guest house for VIPs of Hyundae Group are nearby and Samsung families’ houses are about 5 minutes away by car.

Someone who is in the real estate business near Seongbuk-dong stated, “The previous owner is also a well-known figure. He is a formal representative of big cultural facilities. There are countless well-known figures in this neighborhood.”

On the other hand, his agent Keyeast turned down the floating rumor by saying, “We are getting inquiries whether he bought the house for his marriage. It’s absurd.”

▶The reason why he chose Seongbuk-dong for his new residential area?

Actually, not many entertainers reside in Seongbuk-dong. It is a traditional rich village where the first generation of chaebol (tycoon) and entrepreneurs of middle standing have been living there for about 20-30 years continuously. Usually the entertainers’ moving-into the area aren’t welcomed in this neighborhood. An actor of great popularity had moved in, but he moved out soon after because of continuous box-office failures. A broadcaster also moved out from here to Gangnam right away after he got injured. He did not have the opportunity to become fond of it.

In the beginning, Bae Yong Joon also took a while to decide whether to select Seongbuk-dong for his new residential area. He became convinced after searching for a house at various areas in Seoul for about one year. He completed the deal on July 29th. In a telephone conversation with Sports Chosun, the person who helped Bae Yong Joon with his house transaction said, “He is very careful and prudent. It took a long time for him to make a decision.” He said that he has been handling the house transaction for Seongbuk-dong mostly, and further stated, “Actually, not every one can move in Seongbuk-dong. I met Bae Yong Joon several times in one year. I felt that he has a great personality and is a very reasonable person.”

He further said, “Bae Yong Joon feels a big responsibility about Hallyu and his attitude and acts towards people are perfect. I respect and became fond of him during our several meetings about moving. He is man of great capacity which corresponds perfectly with the dignity of Seongbuk-dong. I hope he has a continuous wonderful life at the new place.”

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