Thursday, October 14, 2010

[Trans] joseijishin 2010.10.12

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Translated into Korean: yume3
Translated into English: suehan 

“Yonsama Hot News”
I need to do something to protect the environment.
Behind the story of the production of “2011 Environmental Protection Calendar”

“This Yonsama’s picture was filmed in Hawaii which he visited for the calendar shooting in July this year.

26 artists of Keyeast including Yonsama and Kim Hyun Joong got together to produce “2011 Environmental Production Calendar (1,260 yen)” for the desk. It’s accepting pre-reservation now.

It was made with the eco papers and soy bean inks which contain a minimum amount of contamination materials and are acknowledged by the Korean Environmental & Technology Institute. It is on sale in bofi ( in Japan.

Yonsama made a public announcement of “the enthusiastic participation for the environmental production” whenever he has the opportunity. He is working on it right now. How about his update?

“He visited Gorilla at the end of last month, and the hair salon, Jeongsammool, at the beginning of this month.” (Korean Reporter)

Is that a silence before the big storm?
It seems that the preparation for the charity event in December and the crank-in of the drama, Dream High is processing smoothly.

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