Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[trans] Italian chef visits Gosireh

October 13, 2010
By tomato99 ♥

Salvatore Cuomo, an Italian chef who has many restaurants in Japan has visited Gosireh and blogged about it at his official blog;

Bae Yong Joon 배용준 (Yon-sama)’s restaurant, Gosireh
2010-10-06 01:15:52

Today, I had business dinner at a Korean restaurant Gosireh located at Shirokane in Tokyo!!
This restaurant is pretty famous because it is run by Korean actor Bae Yong Joon.
We ate in a private room!!

All the dishes are Korean royal cuisine, they are not barbecue!! It was very delicious!

The meal was delicious… what surprised me most was the size of the tray. As you can see from the photo, they use a tray which was the size of the table top when bringing the dishes!!!
So, when you bring in and take away the tray, you have to slide it at railings!!
I think this is world’s biggest tray in size!! Three people carried it!!

The food was delicious, I will visit again!!!

・1-25-19 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo108-0072, Japan


Salvatore Cuomo’s profile;
Born in Naples, Italy on July 14, 1972, Salvatore was inspired by his father, who also was an Italian chef.
His career began at the young age of 11 as he trained himself to become a chef, traveling frequently between Italy and Japan. The harmonious combination of the two countries can be found within his cooking style, blending the traditional Italian art of cooking with the Japanese art of perfection.
Now renowned to be the pioneer of Neapolitan pizza in Japan, he lives by the motto “to be the only one, not the number one”. Even now, with his successful career worldwide.

source; salvatore cuomo’s hp

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