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[Trans] Hotelier tour @ Sheraton Walkerhill

October 24, 2010
By tomato99 ♥LoveBaeYongJoon

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Shin Dong Hyuk from “Hotelier” is one of my favorite character from YJ’s dramas. when things are quiet out there, i dig out my dvds and start watching the drama again^^

I found this Japanese blog on Hotelier tour, hope you enjoy…

source: seoulmiki’s blog

I asked Namie, PR of Walkerhill Hotel to allow me to do a report on the special program for its guests, “Hotelier Tour.”

Seoul’s “Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel” is the shooting place for the legendary Korean drama, “Hotelier.”

Currently, Walkerhill Hotel provides “Hotelier Tour” (free of charge, approx. 60minutes) to their hotel guests, you need to reserve in advance, two times a day at 10am or 4pm, you get a special chance to visit the shooting points, and hear the background stories.

On this day, Hotelier Tour was guided by hotel’s supervisor, Sohn In Sub Manager (Sohn-san). Sohn-san actually worked and recorded the scenes when the drama was shooting, his story was very interesting.
(he is the man who planned this tour.)

First we are given brief guide of lobby and its decorations with this audio machine. The voice is done by Namie. The chandelier is a work by Dale Chihuly, each one of the glass is manually blown. The natural curve expresses strong life power. It is one of the must see items, the price was about 300million won (at the time of purchase).

“this is where my desk was located in those days, and check in scene was shot here. Most of the shooting was done late at night. Of course, we had other guests there and employees appeared in the scenes too.”

At the time of the drama shooting, actual hotel was facing trouble with its management. There were issues of buy-out and other hustle and bustle going on at that time.
In the drama, there were scenes which showed analysis on the hotel, tape cutting for opening, and many employees appeared. They were all from the real hotel.
(at the later shootings, because there were many laid offs at the hotel, drama had to use extras)
There were very close link to the script and the actual buyout issues.

I am at loss for words rather than just being surprised about it. How did they continue shooting in such condition? As the result, Korea economy turned into bubble, and the hotel sold away part of their land and got over the trouble. We could only hear that kind of story from living witness Sohn-san.

You will get to hear background stories and explanation of the scenes… person at left is Namie.

We can go through the employee passage way. We can see the scenes just same as the drama.

From here is the kitchen. I remember the scene preparing the banquet very well.

This is where Bae Yong Joon and Son Yu na XXed. You can guess what XX is from the photos in Sohn-san’s hand!

This is the pool where Bae Yong Joon’s swimming scene was taken. A double had done the swimming.

This is the rooftop.
The tour visits more other sights too. At the end of the tour, you will receive a numbered certificate to commemorate the tour.

If you are planning your stay, or if you are considering a trip, why not stay at Walkerhill Hotel and join the tour?
Please apply at the reception of the hotel!
note: tour guide varies according to days.

View of Han-gan River from Walkerhill Hotel.

found some vods at yt to recall the scenes from the Hotelier.

Hotelier Tour

Bae Yong Joon☆Hotelier(very cute )☆

Last Deal


One more topic about hotel, Capitol Tokyu Hotel, the hotel which BYJ stayed after the accident in 2004, reopened yesterday (22 October 2010) as The Capitol Hotel Tokyu.
BYJ had promised to visit the hotel after its renewal open… when will he have a chance?

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