Sunday, September 12, 2010

[vod / Trans] Just Wondering.. Is Bae Yong Joon doing well?

source: suehan's blog
Thank you very much, Boon Seong Bae nim

BYJ's favorite drink, Black Bean Soy Mil

Gaeulyeoja nim watched the program, ‘Just Wondering’ of Y-Star, on Thursday and shared its story with us in KOB. I reposted the captioned pictures of the program from Yasai nim’s blog

‘Just Wondering’ of Y-Star Cable
Title: Is Bae Yong Joon doing well?

(Just Wondering)

(Stars that represent Korea)

(Jang Dong Geon, Lee Byung Heon, Bae Yong Joon, Won Bin)

(Top stars’ lives in the neighborhood,
‘Just Wondering’ researched.)

First, Emcee went to YJ’s house and asked the security guard (about YJ?),
but the security guard refused to confirm (whether YJ lives there or not?)
Emcee persistently asked him.
Emcee asked him that if lots of Japanese fans would come here, and he answered, sometimes the Japanese fans come, and guides come to ask him.

Next, the owner of the neighborhood market,
Mostly, his manager comes to buy something,
Sometimes, YJ comes late at night,
He jams a Seo Tae Ji’s cap on when he comes,
His favorite drink is black bean soy milk

(Is that YJ’s clothes?)

Now, the owner of his regular dry cleaner.
The owner meets YJ in the elevator every day, but they just exchange greetings.
Emcee said that the length of YJ’s pants were long while he was looking at them,
The owner kept saying that YJ was tall and beautiful.
Emcee asked him whether YJ had many expensive clothes or not,
he answered that, “NO, they’re plain and normal.
His manager requests for the cleaning and YJ’s mother pays for its service.

(Please confirm in the “Just Wondering” program.)

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