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[trans]Yon-sama’s Korean Lesson

source: by tomato99
This is excerpt from “Sora-tobu Naasu,” a book which is written by Ms. Rumi Yamamoto,
a nurse working at International Clinic (Dr. Eugene AKSENOFF) in Tokyo.
The title of the book “Sora-tobu Naasu” is “Flying Nurse” in Japanese,
as Ms. YAMAMOTO also works as an escorting nurse and flies all over the world.

[note: I have followed the original in making translation, so there are some details which are not true. 
e.g. YJ landed at Haneda instead of Narita on his first visit to Japan in April 2004.
Photos posted here are captured from DVD"DRAMA BAE YONG JOON." ]

original in Japanese: “Sora-tobu Naasu” (“Flying Nurse”) by Rumi YAMAMOTO
translated to English: tomato99
photos captured from DVD “DRAMA BAE YONG JOON”

Yon-sama’s Korean Lesson

The story goes back when TV drama “Winter Love Song” was making a great hit in Japan,
when Yon-sama (Bae Yong Joon) was making his first visit to Japan.

Afternoon consultation time had just started after lunch break,
we received a phone call from one hotel.
“You rather have drip infusion? At eight o’clock tonight?”
Doctor is still holding the phone in his hand,
he gave a quick glance to me asking “will you be available tonight?”
He confirms my nod and finishes the phone by answering to the other end,
“I will be there with the nurse.”

“They said it’s a famous Korean star.”
I remembered watching TV this morning.
They were reporting a story that there were thousands of fans gathering at Narita Airport to get one look of the famous star.
The patient must be Yon-sama.
I had watched “Winter Love Song” on DVD, and BYJ was man in the spotlight,
anything he does receives a lot of publicity in the media.

After finishing the consultation at clinic,
I prepared the kit for drip infusion and left for hotel with the Doctor.
In front of the hotel, there were hundreds of women fans sitting and waiting for Yon-sama to come out.
At first floor cafeteria, we dined and waited for the time to come.
It was 15 minutes before the appointed time, manager of the hotel came to get us.
We walked down the classy carpet hall way,
Doctor talked to the manager as we got on the elevator.
“Hotel seems to be having hard time. There are so many people waiting outside.”
“That’s true. The hotel is fully booked, fans must have made the reservation.
Thanks to everyone, we are having a busy time.”

There is staff standing at the elevator and in front of the room.
We were taken into a large suite.
On right, there was a big table with 10 seat, staff from Korea were dining there.
Center of the room was filled with presents and flowers which were probably sent from fans, TV stations and publishers.
At left side, there was a large living room with big sofa and big screen TV.

We waited for a while, and then he appeared accompanied by a young Korean translator.
It is Yon-sama.
His hair looked great in Yon-sama style, BYJ was wearing fresh clean white shirt.
“Hajimemashite” (note: “nice to meet you.” In Japanese)Yon-sama greets us in Japanese.
We sat on a sofa near by.
After the greeting, Yon-sama spoke in Korean, and translator talked to us in Japanese.
“I am not sick, but I am too busy I do not have enough time to sleep everyday.
I am very tired, please give me drip infusion so that I could get some power back.”

I checked temperature, pulse and blood pressure.
Doctor listened to chest with a stethoscope and checked BYJ’s throat with a penlight.
There was no problem, so I started to get ready for the infusion.
I asked Yon-sama to pull up sleeves.
I noticed there were traces of internal bleeding from injection on both his arms.
BYJ is telling translator something in Korean.
“He is saying, please be careful not to leave any needle-scar.”“Let’s try it on the thick blood vessel at inner side of right elbow.”
Listening to my description from the translator, BYJ seemed to be convinced with it.
But now, I am getting nervous about the whole situation.
If I fail and leave any scars on him, how am I going to apologize to the fans waiting outside the hotel.
With alcohol swab I sterilized his arm, checked flexibility of his vessel and needled him.
Red blood refluxed to the route, I could confirm that needle was in the blood vessel.
Drip infusion started safely.

Doctor talked to BYJ,
“I don’t watch TV so I really do not know the situation, but there are so many fans waiting for you outside the hotel.
You must be really busy.”
“TV shooting is very hard.
Actually, I was hospitalized until three days before I came to Japan.
And, I was receiving drip infusion before I was hospitalized.
By the way, this is a secret to the media.”

According to the translator, Yon-sama is very fond of Japan, and he appreciates Japanese fans.
Even though he is very busy, he has been studying Japanese,
he could write most of hiragana and katakana characters.
“That is wonderful. But please take good care of yourself,”
Translator must have translated what I have said,
BYJ answered to me in Japanese, “Daijobu-desu.”(note: “I am all right” in Japanese) 

Then for a while, BYJ taught me some Korean phrases (including pronunciation) beginning with “I am all right.”
I still cannot believe it, I am getting Yon-sama’s Korean lesson!!
What’s more, a private lesson!!!
How much will this cost me, if I were to be charged with a lesson fee?
I had pledged that I would never forget these phrases, but I really lack self-discipline and forgot it all now.
I should have written it down on a paper.

After finishing the treatment, we left the room leaving a message for BYJ,
“Please sleep well, eat well and get your power back.”
I think it was already passed 10 o’clock when I left the hotel and got on a taxi.
There were still so many fans waiting for him in the cold.

I wonder how many years have passed since then.
I have not had a chance to meet Yon-sama after that.
When I hear any news of BYJ, whether it is news of his visit to Japan or news on new photo book,
I still recall that day when we made the house call.

There is more to the story, after returning home few days later,
Yon-sama was hospitalized after break down from excessive hard work.
I admire him for all the best he do for his work and for his Japanese fans.

I should do my best to share Rumi-chan’s Smile to patients of our clinic, just like Yon-sama does.

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