Friday, September 24, 2010

[Trans] Memory of Geumseong Market

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2010-09-20 02:51

[Seoul Newspaper]I went to the small store in the apartment complex to buy something late at night. I stepped in the store unconsciously. Oh, no. Everything has been changed. ‘Geumseong Market’, which I dropped by for more than ten years, has disappeared, and has changed to a common convenient store. The employee said that it opened three days ago.

The owners of Gemseong Market were humble and diligent couple. (Once the store became popular) it seemed like they might have changed. It happened after their store appeared in the movie that Bae Yong Joon took a leading role. The outside of the store has gotten colorful ever since the Japanese aunties came to the store by the groups, and watched the store from a distance. The couple looked like they had a stiff-neck.

But, it didn’t last long. A few months later, the store returned to the old days as the rest area of the local residents. At that time, I asked the owner how the business was for those days. Male owner was embarrassed by saying, “It was just a hassle, and we didn’t make much money.” The couple was humble and diligent like before. They might be over sixty years old now and enjoy a comfortable retired life. Something that was used to us leaves us without any noise like them.

Editorial Writer Lee Yong Won;

*I’m reposting the picture which was taken near the Geumseong Market at the time of ‘April Snow’ shooting.

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