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[Trans] Joseijishin, 2010.9.14

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translated into Korean: yume3
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Yonsama Hot News

More than 1000 ‘official’ photos.
Behind Story of the Digital Photo Frame Release.

Reservation of ‘Fall Gosireh Lunch Box (2,500 Yen)’ started on the 14th (Seven-Eleven store and internet nationwide).

This will be the 4th series which will be supervised by Yonsama’s ‘Gosireh’. Same day, ‘sushi with shrimp and spicy soy bean paste’ and ‘sushi with Korean beef’ will be sold at all of the Seven-Eleven stores.

Still more, decision was made to release ‘Bae Yong Joon Original Digital Photo Frame (26,250 Yen)’. More than 1,000 photos from his first visit to Japan until now will be included. According to a related source, “The photos were taken in Hawaii in July this year for next year’s calendar. These will be his most recent photos.” Of course, the photos and videos were taken later can be played back.

You can make a reservation at Lawson Loppi starting October 1st and the photo frame will be released January 28th of next year through bofi. Please access bofi ( for detailed information. We want real Yonsama in our memory soon!


More on that Digital Photo Frame

September 15, 2010
By bb ♥ @ LoveBaeYongJoon

wasn’t gonna post this, until i saw suehan‘s josei jishin post earlier on the digital photo frame; so decided to just share the info.

but aigoo… this item’s kindda pricey, OUCH!

anyway, snowkin has shared some product info on LOVEYONGJOON, so am just gonna share it with you too.

basically, this is a digital photo frame and what’s so special about it is that it will come pre-loaded with over 1,000 pics of wuri yong joon! pics will include pics of him during his official visits to japan, including those taken at the airport, at press events, fan meetings, etc.

so how pricey is pricey? it’s 26,250 yen (approx USD315), inclusive of tax.

believe this will be yet another exclusive-to-japan merchandise. pre-orders are from 17th sep to 21st oct. as for official sales, i think the merchandise will only be ready for release early next year. there will be priority sales at BOFi from 28th jan 2011, and public sales will start from 4th feb 2011.

you may click HERE for more product info and details.

and oh, there are also other BYJ merchandise available on BOFi, including 2011 calendars, andJOON Diary which our dear jaime has already blogged about HERE

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