Wednesday, September 01, 2010

[Trans] Joseijishin; 2010.08.31

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Translated into Korean: yume3
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Most updated news about the Smile Project.
The names of the eight hospitals where the incubators were donated were revealed.

Yonsama had his 38th birthday on August 29th. The names of the hospitals where he “presented” the incubators for the infants as a part of the charity event, “The Smile Project”, were officially released.

Including Kanagawa Children’s Hospital where he visited in April, the names of the eight hospitals are Iryou Hukushi College Medical Center, Teikyou College Medical Center, Aliku Medical Center, Seirei Hamamastu Medical Center, Osakakuristu Boshi Hoken Sougou Medical Center, Kagoshima Sirstu Medical Center, and Okunawa Kenristu Chubu Medical Center.

It’s said that the plate, in which his signature is inscribed, is on the incubator.

Most recent update news of Yonsama?

“It’s said that he is spending his time on the preparation of the charity event, which will be held at the Tokyo Dome on December 14th, and next work, “Dream High”. (Korean Reporter)
“Dream High” is already in audition. “It’s said that Yonsama is strictly reviewing the documents or videos which were sent (by the applicants).

Yonsama is 38 years old now and we really look forward to seeing his matured (imbued with beauty) acting!

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