Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Trans] BYJ Manager’s Blog(60)

September 28, 2010
By tomato99 ♥ 
source: BYJ Mobile Official Site
BYJ Manager’s Blog

Annyong Hasaeyo, dear family
27 September 2010

by: Manager Yang Geun Hwan
Japanese to English: tomato99@LoveBaeYongJoon

Annyong Hasaeyo, dear family,
this is Yang Geun Hwan.

In Korea, you can already feel the air of autumn.
Few days ago, I was busily walking but stopped for a moment and looked up at the sky.
The sky was getting higher and sun seemed deeper.
Ah, autumn is here… the words unconsciously came out.

Some of you may be exhausted from this year’s specially long, hot and muggy summer,
In autumn, please eat many tasty and healthy things, start your exercises that you had stopped because of summer heat and get recharged again.

Korean version and Japanese version of Yong Joon-san’s “Discovering the Beauty of Korea” was published last September, and one year later, Taiwan version and Chinese version was published this September.
We are now working on English version setting the goal for publication in November.
Many family have loved Korean and Japanese version, and many family from abroad have showed so much interest in the book’s translation and publication, we are able to publish it after one year of hard work.
Yong Joon-san and I feel it worthwhile to be able to reply to your love and concern.

September is start of autumn, a harvest season.
Particularly in Korea, we have chuseok which all family members get together, it is a month to enrich our heart and soul.
Yong Joon-san and I had spent time together with family this chuseok。
Please have happy autumn.

Thank you for everything.

Yang Geun Hwan

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