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[News Trans]The Japanese Tourists show signs for tour boom of the Baekje culture in Iksan.

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Yonhap News 2010-09-26 07:04

(Iksan=Yonhap News) Repoter Lim Cheong = It looks like the Japanese tourists will continuously visit Baekje cultural sites like Mireuksaji (Mireuk Temple Site) and Wang-gung-ri Historic Site in Iksan.

On the 26th the City of Iksan stated, the famous actor, Bae Yong Joon’s travel essay book, the Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea, was getting favorable reviews in Japan. After reading the segment that Bae Yong Joon covered in his book, readers desired to visit the sites. Those who want to visit the sites are increasing gradually.

Recently, about 80 Japanese tourists stayed in Iksan for two days-one night. They visited Mireuksaji in Iksan, the Wang-gung-ri historic site of Baekje, and famous restaurants. A city official said that the tourists learned about the characteristics and beauty of the culture of the ancient city Iksan from the tour and public relation marketing director; tourists showed big interests in the Baekje culture.

They participated in the culture experience event of the Korean heritage sites which are organized by KeytoKorea, the travel agency which is specialized in demonstrated culture experiences. They also visit the heritage sites in Korea that are introduced in Bae Yong Joon’s essay book.

KeytoKorea plans to organize the experience events for the Japanese tourists in the future as well. It looks like they will continuously be visiting Iksan.

A city official said, “This tour isn’t a one-time event. It will be a good opportunity to introduce the Baekje culture in Iksan and we’ll do our best to guide the Japanese tourists through hot spots and restaurants.”
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