Friday, September 03, 2010

[News] ‘Playful Kiss’ has high download rates despite low ratings

source: allkpop

‘Playful Kiss’ has high download rates despite low ratings

MBC drama Playful Kiss had a rocky start, receiving only a 3.5% viewer rating for the first episode. However, Playful Kiss is excelling in other areas.
A representative in charge of iMBC homepages revealed, ‘The homepage for Playful Kiss received the sharpest increase of visitors compared to the other MBC programs. Aside from Korea, visitors from Japan, China, Malaysia, and South America also graced the homepage.
CINE21, who is in charge of online downloads, expressed, ‘After the broadcast of the first episode, the number of downloads for Playful Kiss was larger than the average downloads for Iris, which had 30% ratings. It looks like the online response is very hot.’
Playful Kiss is more popular than I thought! I hope its ratings will increase soon.
Thanks to Yuyu for the tip.

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