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[News Trans] Choi Seong, the mayor of the city of Goyang, signed MOU to support the production of the Hallyu drama ‘Dream High’

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Associated Press: 2010-09-02 14:18 

Choi Seong, the mayor of the city of Goyang, signed MOU to support the production of the Hallyu drama ‘Dream High’ in which BYJ and PJY will be appearing.

First step to become a Hallyu cultural city, Goyang.

On September 2, 2010, Choi Seong, the mayor of the city of Goyang signed MOU with Kim Pil Ryo (chairman of Goyang city council), Jeong Wook and Yang Geun Ywan (CEOs of the Hollim, the production company of the drama ‘Dream High’), and Lee Gwan Hoon (CEO of CJ Media) to vitalize the imagery tourism of Goyang at the video conference room in the City Hall. It is the first step for the Hallyu cultural city of Goyang.

The major contents of the MOU are to attract tourists through the imagery tourism, employment creation including making appearances in minor roles, attracting the industry relating the unification of broadcasting, video, and communication, improving the value of the city, and cooperation to vitalize the local economics. International Hallyu stars including Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young will be appearing in ‘Dream High’.

To achieve the goal of the imagery tourism, the city of Goyang and production company decided to cooperate for the introduction of the city of Goyang through various methods like operating the Familiarization Tour of the potential areas for the tourist attraction including the lakeside park, Lafesta, Western Dome Street, Latin America Cultural Center, and the Haeju Fortress and using the discovered areas for the shootings sites when the broadcasting of the drama starts.

At the signing ceremony, Choi Seong, the mayor of Goyang, said, “Signing MOU with the production company for the mutual cooperation to support the production of the KBS drama ‘Dream High’ in which Hally Star Bae Yong Joon and the best music producer and singer of Korea, Park Jin Young, appear will be a turning point to make the city of Goyang an international tourism city or Hallyu cultural city.”, and he showed his expectations on the developments to become Hallyu Cultural City, Goyang from the visits of Japanese and Chinese tourists by saying, “If this project is successful, we expect lots of revenues including additional incomes, but it will also make the city of Goyang become a popular Hallyu cultural city.”

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Source: the city hall of Goyang.

suehan: According to the Chosunilbo, Goyang High School of Arts and Ilsan Lakeside Park will be used for the shooting sites and the city will invest a billion won for the production of the drama. 

If you want to know about the city of Goyang, please visit the website;

Ilsan Lake Park is the biggest artificial lake park in the Orient, constructed on an area of 1,157,100 square meters. This beautiful lake park preserves a healthy ecosystem, with clean water where plants, animals, and fish that live only in clean water can be found. By regularly holding a Flower Exhibition, this Lake Park has become a favorite leisure and resort place not only of Goyang citizens but also of the public at large in Korea .

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