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[Fan Account] A Miraculous Encounter

[FA] A Miraculous Encounter
posted by bb on LoveBaeYongJoon

original in japanese: Yumeyumeko / JOB 2010.09.23 (11,337 hits)
translated into english: Cloud Nine /

A Miraculous Encounter

I made my fourth visit to Korea from August 26 to 28.

Our plan this time was nothing to do with Yong Joon ssi and the main purpose was to watch a musical.

We enjoyed three- days- stay and the final moment of the final day… We had a miraculous encounter. Trying to remember now I feel my fingers shaking.

It was August 28 and before 3pm.

We did some shopping in Akkujon and had to go back to our hotel for the luggage. We didn’t have much time. We were walking down a narrow street for a bigger street in order to catch a taxi.

It started to rain…

On the street we were heading a black car pulled in and a person with a shoulder bag came out. He was in a black jacket, black slim-fit pants and black high-cut boots. As it was a narrow street, I tried to step out his way thinking ‘This man is very tall~”

Then I looked up slowly. Even though he was wearing black sunglasses I thought … “This man’s face is familiar..???”

“Wow ?! Yo…Yon-sama?!” (I usually don’t call him Yon-sama… laugh)

My friend and I looked at each other and we froze…

He was walking away so fast… ”I want to shake hands with him…”

But no one recognized him. We should not get closer to him, should we? What should we do? What should we do?

Just holding our arms, we were only watching him walk off.

His manager was following him to put up an umbrella and I wonder if the manager told about us, who looked suspiciously Japanese. Suddenly he looked back and waved to us! We could not say a word but kept waving on the spot ^^

Then people who recognized him came out of the shop and started to gather.

“He is going away so fast ~ ・゚゚・(>_< ;)・゚゚・。

But he once again looked back and waved to us. How sweet of him…

How come wasn’t I able to say at least “Happy Birthday!!”… I really regret this.

He looked back and waved to us. Now I think it was to show his gratitude to us who didn’t scream, but only saw him off. He looked a bit tanned and was very fine.

I have wanted to share this much sooner with everyone who are worrying about his health, but I was unable to post. I was afraid that my story may sound like I’m bragging. I told this story to my friends who were not his fans and many of their responses were “We haven’t seen Yon-sama recently, but it’s good to know he is fine.”

So I thought BYJ fans are eager to know how he is doing now. I worked up my courage to write this.

If this hurts your feelings, I’m sorry.

P.S. The hair style of Yong Joon ssi was like ‘Insoo’s hair’.

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